10 Happiest Countries To Visit In The World 

10 Happiest Countries To Visit In The World 

These destinations have found the key to becoming a part of the "happiest countries in the world" list, Let's find out how.
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March 20 was designated as the International Day of Happiness by the UN ten years ago. Since then, a lot of people have come to feel that the success of a nation should be assessed by the happiness of their people. How does a country get the badge of honour of being in the “happiest countries in the world” list? 

Instead of using other variables and metrics to create its ranking, the World Happiness Report relies on the responses of those surveyed, who rate their own lives using the Cantril Scale. This is essentially a self-satisfaction ladder assessment; the top of the ladder, or 10, represents the most level of happiness you can achieve, and the bottom of the ladder, meaning 0, represents the lowest level of happiness. 

The 10 happiest nations in the world, according to the 2023 World Happiness Report, are listed below if you’re seeking for inspiration for your forthcoming trips to places where happiness isn’t in short supply. 

10 Happiest Countries To Visit In The World

10. New Zealand 

New Zealand’s ranking in the top ten has been solidified by having one of the lowest levels of COVID-related mortality during the pandemic. Regardless of the time stamp, Zealanders are known for being a joyful and outgoing group that thrive in both the professional and social realms. It also helps to have leadership that places a high priority on mental and emotional development, former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern unveiled the Wellbeing Budget in 2019, which included billions of dollars for programmes aimed at improving mental health, lowering child poverty, and aiding Mori and Pasifika communities. 


9. Luxembourg 

 Luxembourg, which debuted among the top 10 happiest nations last year at number six, dropped to number nine in 2023. Luxembourg is one of the least populous and one of the smallest countries in Europe, however when it comes to GDP per capita, it ranks among the richest nations in the world. Locals feel happier here because of factors like safety, high levels of public trust, and diversity. 


8. Switzerland 

Switzerland continues to have among of the world’s happiest and healthiest citizens, due to low crime levels, a high GDP per person, and stunning alpine scenery that encourages year-round recreation. The World Happiness Report states that Swiss people associate excellent satisfaction with life with “prosociality,” such as charitable giving and volunteering. No wonder it’s one of the happiest countries in the world.


7. Norway 

It’s understandable why Norwegians think of themselves as a joyful people. Norway has consistently ranked among the top 10 happiest nations and even took the top spot in 2017. Its benefits include free public schooling, a high income rate, minimal levels of corruption, and a strong social support system. You don’t need to travel very far to find a quiet place to unwind and recharge because there are so many natural attractions nearby, like mountains, lush forests, lakes, and frequent northern lights sightings. 


6. Sweden 

The lowest-ranked Nordic nation is Sweden, which is ranked at number 6. Even now, it’s among the happiest places on earth.  Sweden was the only Nordic country that did not restrict community transmissions at the outset of the pandemic, which highlights an interesting difference between the country’s response to the outbreak and that of its Nordic neighbours. 


5. The Netherlands 

In the most recent assessment by the International Monetary Fund, the nation’s economy was praised for its durability and healthy recovery in comparison to the rest of the EU, aside from their everlasting tulip gardens which can make anyone happy. Also, accessible higher education, a healthy job market, a strong feeling of solidarity, and high levels of civic involvement all help to restore happiness to Dutch society. Is this one of the happiest countries you’d like to visit?


4. Israel 

After the nation quickly recovered from COVID, their economy expanded by 6.5 percent with their GDP per capita increasing 4.4 percent. According to data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Israelis also have strong social ties and a long life expectancy. 


3. Iceland 

With its gender gap reduced by more than 90%, the nation comes out on top in the World Economic Forums Global Gender Gap Report. What else gives Icelanders happiness? To mention a few, they include things like high income, a sound economy, a lack of corruption, kindness, free schooling, and a strong connection to one another. Accessibility to some of the most breath-taking natural environments in the world undoubtedly helps, too. 


2. Denmark 

The nation where happiness is just a way of life is another evidence that a country need not be unhappy just because it has high taxes. Danish inhabitants pay the most personal income tax in Europe, almost 56%, but they also enjoy a robust social welfare system, which includes free health care and education, which seems to make them quite happy. 



Finland has been recognised as the happiest nation in the world for the sixth consecutive year. The reason Finland consistently ranks first can be attributed to factors like generosity as Finns are quite likely to expect a misplaced wallet to be returned or the income, freedom of choice, and life expectancy. 


So, where are you travelling to next? 🙂

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