10 Mantras For Meditation To Overcome Tough Times

10 Mantras For Meditation To Overcome Tough Times

Mantra meditation is a wonderful way to ground yourself to the present. These 10 mantras for meditation can help you overcome overwhelm.
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A diamond does not shine unless it is cut and polished. Your problems may seem too big today, but they will ultimately polish you, making you shine like a true diamond in life! But tough situations also require a tough you. Meditation, especially mantras for meditation can help you cultivate focus and increase resilience.

How Does Mantra Meditation Help?

Mantra is an ancient Sanskrit term that comprises of two root words, ‘Man’ which means mind and ‘Tra’ which means to release. So, mantra basically means releasing to calm the mind. A mantra is a word or a phrase that you repeatedly use to get into a certain frame of mind. It helps you release all the unwanted thoughts and focus on what is important instead. Mantra meditation is a form of guided meditation that is especially helpful to those who find it difficult to calm down and concentrate on themselves with single-minded focus. Mantras can act as a way to ground yourself during tough times. Words are powerful. They shape your thoughts and affect your emotions and when chosen in the right way, they can lead to a positive you. Let these 10 mantras for meditation help you.


10 Mantras for Meditation to Overcome Tough Times

1. I am (word)

Use the word that will calm your mental state in that situation best. I am peace. I am love. I am compassion. I am content.

2. This feeling will pass. It does not control me.

Everything that affects you will pass as long as you don’t dwell deeply into it. Recognizing the feeling instead of suppressing it is important.

3. I am safe and secure.

Sometimes, we require a small self-reminder that we are safe and secure. You need to stop seeking validation from others and reassure yourself.

4. This is not about me.

Repeating this mantra helps you take the pressure off yourself and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own thoughts and emotions that we forget that we’re contributing to a larger purpose.

5. With every breath, I feel myself relaxing.

Your breath is a strong tool that immediately relaxes your body and mind. Learning to harness the power of breathwork will help you release pent-up tension and stress.

6. All experiences are helping me grow.

Finding the answers to the challenges that come your way are tough. But understanding that these challenges are a path towards your personal growth can help you look at them objectively.

7. I give myself permission to let go of what no longer serves me.

Holding on to things that no longer serve you can take up space. Taking the time to do inventory of what’s holding you back and pulling you down can help you understand what to release.

8. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Worrying about the future can fuel unnecessary anxiety. Instead of wondering ‘what if’, ground yourself in the present moment. The present moment is much more manageable than tomorrow, the week to come or the month after.

9. I am not my thoughts.

Critical thoughts can make it hard to focus and look ahead. You need to pick which thoughts you will validate and give power to.

10. I am anchored like the roots of a tree.

To make the most of this mantra, plant your feel firmly on the ground and feel the earth beneath you. Imagine roots grounding you down and let it bring a sense of stability deep within you.

Further let go of expectations with this guided meditation by BK Shivani.

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