5 Powerful Habits Of Successful People And How To Build Them

5 Powerful Habits Of Successful People And How To Build Them

The secret to our success lies in our everyday habits. And building these powerful habits is your doorway to achieve your dreams.
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Do you wonder why some people are successful? What was something they did so differently that took them closer to their goals? The answer is habits. Because successful people don’t do different things, they do the same things differently. And here is how you can unleash your full potential to turn your life around.

Working smart, not hard

We all have the same 24 hours. Most of us work really hard, but not smart. Learning to be efficient with your time. That way you not only complete tasks on time but can also do things you thought you never had time for.

How to build it:

Notice the time when you are most productive throughout the day. Is it in the morning? Post-lunch? Identify the time slot and carve out more time every day to get a lot of work done in that time frame.

You can also employ the Pomodoro Technique, where after every 25 minutes of work you take 5 minutes of break.  You are free to choose the lengths of time that works best for you. You’ll surely get a lot done in the same time, that too with breaks.

Never stop learning

You’ll never hear a successful person say, “I know everything.” They are never complacent with their knowledge or skills are open to new ideas. One must always keep learning and look out for new avenues to grow.

How to build it:

Today everything is available at our fingertips. Think about things, subjects or hobbies you want to hone. Find books, classes, or videos that will help you learn them or take your expertise to the next level. 

The only difficult part here is to stick to your assignments. Try to maintain a stable learning pace and reward yourself upon learning something.

Being confident

This might not come across as a habit since it is believed that people are either born with confidence or not. That’s simply not true. It is indeed a skill, and people who have it have diligently worked for a long time to achieve it.

How to build it:

Pay attention to the negative messages that you give yourself. See if you are too tough on yourself, compare yourself to others, or beat yourself up for the smallest of error. These are mere setbacks that lead to self-doubt and low self-confidence. Spend some time just noticing them. Once you identify them, tell yourself a different, a positive message, like, “I’m doing fine, I don’t have to constantly criticise myself,” or, “I am as talented as others are.”

Not being scared of failing

Every successful person will have a long list of failures. The difference is, with every failure, they learn from their mistakes, and try harder the next time. One must learn to see failures as opportunities to improve rather than retrieving in self-doubt.

How to build it:

This might seem easier said than done. It is scary but start tracking your failures as they happen. No judgments or blaming there. When something goes wrong, make a note of it by writing down what happened. Then late, when you face a similar situation, you can go back to it and learn from the situation.

Looking at a problem from a third-person POV also makes a difference. Think about the advice you would give your friend in a similar situation. Do this for a couple of months, and you’ll start equating failure with a tool for growth.

They enjoy the journey, not just the destination

We innately tend to focus on and celebrate only our achievements – scoring a big client, landing a promotion, or making a higher salary. It sure matters and must be celebrated, but it is healthier, more fun and way less taxing to enjoy the process of your work, than living only for wins.

How to build it:

Ask yourself, “Am I really loving the work I’m doing,” or, “Does my job bring me happiness and taking me closer to my goals?” If your answers are “yes” then you are on the right track and at the right place. If you aren’t there yet, see why achievements drive you, and how you can add some fun into your work.

See what habits you already have and which you should build. These habits will set you apart from the rest of the crowd, and pave your way to success.

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