5 Reasons You Should Attend Vidisha Kaushal’s Webinar Tomorrow

Here’s why Vidisha Kaushal’s exclusive webinar on ‘how to love yourself’ is not to be missed.
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The masters and guides on the ThinkRight.me App, vouch to resolve varied modern-day problems for you. Tomorrow, our esteemed master Vidisha Kaushal shall address an untapped topic of ‘how to love yourself.’

If you’re on the fence about attending it, here are 5 reasons that will convince you.

Practical Tips
Vidisha Kaushal is a sound healing and life mastery expert. Her own tryst with bell’s palsy many years ago inspired her into the world of healing. The tips she will share will be simple, yet doable. They will not just be preachy but practical.

The Timing
If Sunday is your self-care day, then attending this webinar will only add only stars to it. You can finish your day’s work, and then relax with this exclusive webinar commencing at 3:00 pm IST.

Proper Guidance
It’s easy to say, ‘love yourself,’, but how do you do it? How do you know you’re on the right path? How do you get started? Vidisha Kaushal addresses all these questions and much more.

Results Driven
Every change begins with you, and loving yourself unconditionally, is the way to begin. It will form the cornerstone of many other uphill changes and positive outcomes in your life.

Do It For Yourself!
Because why not! This simple webinar, these couple of hours, and some effective tips have the power to change your life. The only thing you have to give in exchange is your time and willingness to learn.

The webinar will be totally exclusive and is open only for the subscribers of the ThinkRight.me App.

Registration is mandatory.

If you haven’t subscribed already, subscribe now!

We hope to see you there!

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