5 Ways To Re-use Lemon Peels Instead Of Throwing Them

5 Ways To Re-use Lemon Peels Instead Of Throwing Them

Throwing away the lemon peels after you squeeze the juice out? Here’s how you can squeeze out the benefits from the peel as well.
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The bright, tart flavour of lemons can brighten up any dish. A wedge of lemon is a must with so many Indian dishes. Lemons have a permanent place in everyone’s fridge, but most people simply trash the peels in the bin, not knowing the fact, that the peels have tremendous benefits. Hold onto those lemon rinds and check out our list of clever uses to be sure you’ve used the lemon to its fullest.

Okay, but how are they useful?

Lemons are very versatile. They’re natural cleaners because of their anti-bacterial properties and are used in beauty and personal care treatments for their low pH value. But that is not all.

Refresh your cutting board

It’s important to give your cutting board a proper soak and sanitise every few months, especially if it’s wooden. Sprinkle your cutting board with some salt, and then take a squeezed half lemon (better if there’s still some pulp intact) and rub it vigorously on it. Then rinse thoroughly and leave it to dry.

Dehydrated lemon

Dehydrated lemons peels are great for adding flavour to your recipes and teas. Cut the rinds into strips and scrape out the bitter pith as much as you can. Leave them under the sun or in your balcony to sundry. If you’re very eager, you can also toast them in a low heated oven at about 100 degrees. Once dried, store them in an airtight container.

Make an all-rounder cleaner
Make a DIY cleaner with lemons | Image: File Image

Take about four to five lemons peels in a large jar and fill it to the top with distilled vinegar. Then place it in a spot away from direct sunlight, best if it’s in a cupboard or cabinet. After two weeks or so, strain out the peels and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Use this to attack any grimy-looking surface in the house.

Remove rust stains

Rust stains are tough. But lemon peels can do their magic here. Sprinkle salt on the rust stain and rub with half a lemon that still has some pulp left inside. Allow the salt and lemon to sit for 7-8 hours, scrubbing periodically if needed. Allow the lemon to rest on the surface overnight if the stain has not yet disappeared, then rinse well with water.

Smooth scaly elbows

Coming from the list of grandmother’s beauty secrets, scrubbing lemon peels in dry elbows is a perfect trick for softening them. Take half a lemon, which has some pulp intact, and sprinkle baking soda on it. Now twist and turn the lemon on your elbow to exfoliate them. Do this for a couple of minutes and rinse to reveal softened elbows.

So, now when life gives you lemons, you know exactly what to do!

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