8 Activities To Engage In With Your Kids

8 Activities To Engage In With Your Kids

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With the summer vacations close by, all parents’ minds are boggling with ideas of how to keep their children engaged for the entire time. It is not just enough to give your child activities to do, but it is essential to engage with them while doing it. This makes it more fun for them and in the process they learn a lot, and surprisingly so do we!

8 activities to engage in with your kids:

1. Indoor Games:
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Games like building blocks, Scrabble, Pictionary, various puzzles for varying ages, all can be played with the kids to keep them educated and entertained.

2. Story-telling:
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Kids with their imaginative brains love cooking up stories. With your kids, you can share stories with each other, sometimes from books, sometimes from your own childhood. You can also build the story bit by bit, taking turns.

3. Baking or cooking:
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Kids love to help in the kitchen, and engaging them hones their motor skills, teaches them the art of cooking, all while being a playful activity. And it the end of it all they can take pride in their scrumptious masterpiece.

4. Letter-writing:
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Get your child to inculcate this lost art, by writing letters to their grandparents or cousins or friends, and post it for them. If the kids are too small, ask them to dictate and you can write it down for them. Indulge them, even if it’s a letter to Santa or the tooth fairy.

5. Outdoor games:
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Children love to play outdoor games. Take them cycling, or play badminton, basketball or any other activity which involves physical exercise for both you and your child. By doing this not only do you develop a special bond you’re your child, but also ensure their physical and mental well-being.

6. Gardening:
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Kids love gardening especially with grandparents. They tell them stories about the plants, which teaches the child to love nature, the environment and the importance of life. Give them seeds to plant and make them water and nurture it daily.

7. Car-washing:
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At least once in a week, indulge your child in some cleaning activity like car-washing. The child will learn the importance of hard work and cleanliness and it is something that he/she will look forward to, as it becomes a weekly activity.

8. Family tree:
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The best way to teach your family values to your child is by helping them make the family tree. This will spark their inquisitiveness to learn more about their lineage and will also bring them closer to their roots.

Children need to be given time, patience and unconditional love. This is imperative for us too. We tend to learn a lot from children. So engage with your child this summer, and make it an extraordinary experience. When they grow older, these will be the memories they cherish the most.


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