Conquer Your Exam With This Guided Meditation

Conquer Your Exam With This Guided Meditation

Exam anxiety is on the rise, and we’re here to help you get through with it.
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We’re approaching that time of the year when a lot of students are preparing for their upcoming final exams and end-semester exams. It’s not the exam that is the problem, it’s the pressure of performing well and sailing through the exam that affects most of the students.  

Keeping the current environment in mind, students are bound to be more stressed and distracted about how they are going to keep themselves safe from the virus while writing the exam.  

When the stakes are high, the emotions usually match. With emotions swirling, it’s not easy to focus because there’s a fear of failure, test anxiety, procrastination or other distractions which might get in the way of prep time. 

For this we recommend this meditation to calm yourself and find your focus.  

This will help you to put your mind in the right frame to focus, learn to let go of distractions or deal with them, and maintaining your focus to increase productivity.  

Here are some general guidelines you must abide by before you begin your meditation.

STEP 1: Find the right spot 

Find yourself a place where you find peace within. Away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday source of stress, comfortable and safe space where you can focus on yourself. It must be peaceful and a well-lit area. 

STEP 2: Eat to your mind’s content, not your tummy’s.

Eat enough food to keep you going through the day. It should just be the perfect amount of food in your belly. You eat too much, you’ll feel lethargic and drowsy; you eat less you’ll irritable and angry. Eat the right amount of food that makes you feel good and active. Only then will you be able to meditate efficiently.  

STEP 3: Move before meditating.    

Just how you warm up before running or working out, move a little to be more mindful of what you’re going to do. Walk a few paces and take some deep breaths to feel more comfortable towards the process.  

STEP 4: Take it easy   

Make sure you meditate for 10-20 minutes. Do not be in a hurry to open your eyes. A few light stretches with eyes closed helps you gently ease back into activity.    

The most important part is to remember that an exam is not the end of your life, but only a small part. So, prepare smart, and prepare well. Keep yourself hydrated, eat healthily and get enough sleep before an exam.  

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