How Colouring Is Actually Therapeutic?

How Colouring Is Actually Therapeutic?

If you thought colouring was meant only for children, think again. Adult colouring has become quite popular in recent times and it is therapeutic.
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So, you’re neck deep in work and have a deadline to meet, almost working round-the-clock. The tons of work yet to get done stresses you out, add to that your responsibilities at home, that upcoming PTA meeting, and so on. There’s so much to do and you feel you’re simply going to have a panic attack. Try colouring; adult colouring has become quite popular in recent times and it is therapeutic.

Relieves stress and anxiety

Colouring does help relax, reducing anxiety and stress levels as it activates the section of the brain, which stresses you. In fact, studies show that colouring mandals dramatically reduces anxiety levels. Besides, colouring also activates that part of the brain that supports creativity.

A great stress-buster | Image: File Image
Replaces negative thoughts with positive ones

Colouring also brings out the inner child within us, where we are reminded of our childhood days. While colouring, you are concentrating on an image and this in turn aids in replacing negative thoughts slowly, giving way to positive ones. Doctors have found that colouring has a neurological effect on the brain and have seen changes in brain waves and heart rates.

Helps achieve mindfulness

Stress levels dip through mindfulness, which means being aware and present in the moment. Since colouring needs focussed attention, which is outside self-awareness, taking us outside our own selves, it is relaxing. We immerse ourselves in the activity of colouring and keep aside our own selves as focal point. This helps achieve mindfulness.

The power of mandala colouring | Image: File Image
Better sleep, improved motor skills and vision

Since colouring is relaxing, it does not disturb your level of melatonin aiding in a good night’s sleep. Also, you need to use two hemispheres of the brain to communicate for this activity. Choosing colours is a creative process, while staying within the lines need logical thinking. This helps in a sharper vision and improves your motor skills.

A way of creative meditation

It was found that colouring mandalas represented the intricacy of ‘self’; it symbolised inner calm and self-realisation resulting in a feeling of wholeness. Basically, you are switching off from other thoughts while colouring, just as you do in meditation, and this is calming.

So, pick up that colouring book and pencil and start filling in the colours. This is one easy and fun way to de-stress and turn on your ‘calm’.

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