Do Good, Feel Good!

Do Good, Feel Good!

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Performing an act of kindness can instantly give you an adrenaline rush. It has made us wonder about how to be a good human being in life consistently. There are scientific reasons which explain why performing good acts can lead to us leading a better life. So, how to be a good human being in life?

Why and how to be a good human being in life?

#1 Say goodbye to stress

A 2013 study has revealed that participating in volunteering activities and giving back to the society can help in reducing hypertension and blood pressure. A 2010 study reiterates the same when it comes to health benefits of generosity. It concluded that people who donate more to charity have lower cortisol levels. A rise in cortisol levels means an increase in stress on the mind. People who were found donating more money to charity saw a steep in cortisol levels.

#2 A longer life is what the doctor ordered

In case you have been trying to figure out why and how to be a good person in life, this might work as another motivator for you. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) found an intrinsic link between goodness and mortality. Research subjects who helped out their kith and kin in times of crisis were less likely to experience stressful situations. This invariably led to them having longer lifespans.

how to be a good human being in life?
How to be a good human being in life? | Image: File image
#3 That rush of blood to the head

The psychological term for the insane rush you feel after doing something good is helper’s high. The brain recognizes the goodness in you and goes a little overboard in producing endorphins, our happiness-inducing chemicals. This produces a mild version of morphine high. This eventually leads to lasting feelings of gratitude and satisfaction.

#4 Feel wonderful at your workplace

You might be looking for some concrete motivation which tells you how to be a good person in life and why you should be bothering about it. The fact that it will make your life easier at work can be a start.  A research by the University of Wisconsin-Madison has inferred that people who reached out to and helped people at work were more committed to their jobs and had fewer chances of quitting their job. It definitely shows that altruism at the office can make you feel much happier about work than others who prioritize selfishness over helping out colleagues.

#5 A magical change to your mental health

The BMC Public Health Journal has happy news for anyone who has volunteered for social work or plans to do so in the near future. A study published in the journal has revealed that volunteering and acts of goodness lead to a stronger mental health. In some instances, people who performed good deeds consistently have experienced a rapid decline in depression.

#6 Discovering your happy place

Sonja Lyubomirsky is a psychologist who has extensively worked on happiness for 20 years. According to her positive actions lead to self-discovery and a strong feeling of happiness. She writes in her book ‘Toward a Durable Happiness’ that, “Psychologists have found that by electing to engage in certain intentional activities, people can actually make themselves lastingly happier.” This means that your happiness is in your own hands depending upon your own actions.

A similar research by Stephen Post of Case Western University School of Medicine discovered that selfless acts of charity can positively affect both self-realization and physical health. Finding happiness in helping others is truly the only answer to the question of how to be a good person in life.

The countless posts on the internet about people helping out a homeless beggar on the subway or a kitten left in the gutter can instantly bring tears to your eyes. Goodness is a gift. By exercising it you will join the huge crowd of lovely people who believe in giving back. It becomes more believable when science says it. So why not?

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