5 Traits You Should Get Rid of ASAP!

5 Traits You Should Get Rid of ASAP!

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Traits are something that we build over time. Some might help us be a better human being, while some unknowingly hamper our growth. A little introspection in our thought process and behavior helps us to know how to change negative personality traits and take us closer to our goals.

How To Change Negative Personality Traits?

Change is a time consuming process, and it won’t happen overnight. The idea is to be consistent, and not give up easily. The aim is to be real, not perfect. The following are some toxic traits you must subtract from your life.

how to change negative personality traits
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1. Pessimism

Being pessimistic is like being toxic to yourself. Pessimism allows you to only see the negatives, the doom and gloom in any given situation. It is like forecasting that the ship will sink, while it hasn’t even sailed yet! Start by learning to think positively and surround yourself with positive people.

2. Procrastination

Many of us would be guilty of this habit. It happens so often that we feel lazy to do some task and keep on pushing it to some other day. The task could be tedious, or the deadline would be faraway, either way we feel lazy to do it, and keep things pending till the eleventh hour. The result? We end up turning in a rushed, or a poor-quality piece of work. Don’t let the pile grow bigger and do what you can when you can.

3. Being Oversensitive

If you tend to over analyse what people say and take their words to heart, you might want to pay heed to improving this trait. Nobody wants to be around someone who cannot take things sportingly. Don’t be a cry baby. Learn to go of things and loosen up a bit.

4. Being judgmental

This surely is a double-edged sword. It harms the other person’s self-esteem plus is a waste of time and energy for you. One must stop gauging what others are doing and pay heed to bettering their own lives. Shift your focus from others life and channel it to your own goals.

5. People Pleasing

Everyone likes it when others like them. But it raises a red flag when you try to change yourself, your personality, and your habits just to please others. Putting on a façade to fit in, is the greatest act of deceit you can do to yourself. It is okay if someone doesn’t like you.

You be you, and people who genuinely like you will be naturally drawn towards you.

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