6 Ways To Master Your Mind

6 Ways To Master Your Mind

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Consider the following scenarios. Despite promising yourself to begin a study routine the next day, you sleep through the alarm and break your commitment. You keep meaning to switch to a healthy diet but the day never comes. You cannot keep your vow to burn calories by staring an exercise routine. Like countless others, you succumb to temptation and then torment yourself with guilt because you destroyed your good intentions. These familiar situations occur because our untamed heart cares only about its own whims. The solution is to exert self-control.

How To Exercise Self-Control?

Tell Yourself You Can Do It

In the movie, Spiderman, Uncle Ben said “with great power comes great responsibility”. This rings true for you too. If you believe things are in your control, a flick of a switch can change your wavering mind.

Set Tangible Targets

Goals motivate the right choices. Try to make specific, short-term goals, which are achievable. An ambiguous desire for self-restraint might be more difficult to execute. For instance, instead of telling yourself you will eat healthy, plan a diet chart.

You Are Your Best Judge

The best feedback comes from within you. You need to constantly monitor the progress you are making in terms of self-control and pat yourself on the back when you notice an improvement. For example, if you wake up on time and go jogging seven days in a row, treat yourself to a chocolate!

how to exercise self-control?
How to exercise self-control?| Image: File image
Push Yourself

Your determination will help your self-control. The more dedication and motivation you show, the better your chances to achieve your goal.  A smoker can only reduce the number of cigarettes smoked if there is commitment.

Believe In Yourself

You have to believe you can exercise self-control and instill self- discipline. A lack of confidence, in your ability to show restraint, defeats the purpose. For example, if you believe you cannot do without alcohol, you will never be able to give up drinking.

Don’t Be Tantalized By Temptations

The trick is to avoid situations leading to temptation. Stay away from a restaurant serving non-vegetarian cuisine, If you want vegetarian food. This ensures you will not succumb to temptation.

Remember these six, simple solutions the next time you torment yourself because of a lack of self-control. Your willpower will improve, making you stronger.

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