How Not To Be A Prisoner of Your Past?

How Not To Be A Prisoner of Your Past?

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We are the sculptors of our life, thus, it is essential for us to know how to move on in life and forget the past positively. How far can we go if there are shackles tied to our leg? Only as far as it lets us go and drags us back to where we were before. This is how the negative memories of our past hold on to us.

How To Move On In Life And Forget The Past By Having A Positive Outlook? 

Break the cycle

Some people keep on re-living their past either consciously or subconsciously.  In order to fully be alive, it is necessary to let go of the relics of your past. Or else, no matter how hard we try we will always be caught up in our past deeds. We need to watch our thoughts and try not to delve in these negative thoughts.

how to move on in life and forget the past
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Take baby steps, you’ll get there

Start small, because it won’t happen over-night. Allow yourself to organically erase the traces of those memories that have caused you pain. You’ll get better with each passing day, and eventually the guilt, the shame, and the trauma attached to these memories will fade away.

Let bygone, be bygone

People hold on to their mistakes like treasures and then spend the rest of their lives mulling over it. Thinking about things they could do or say to avoid or solve the situation. We often forget that it is only human to commit mistakes. Learn from the mistake and bury it.

Stop reading the ‘old newspaper’

No one learns anything new by re-reading the past chapters of a book, it is only when we turn the page we shall discover something new. ‘Do not let your past write your future’. Our past mistakes are yesterday’s trash that we are carrying around on our shoulders, let’s dump it. Or else, it shall litter the future too.

Your mistakes do not define you

We are often let down the most by the guilt that accompanies our mistakes. It is essential to draw a line somewhere, and realise that these mistakes are nothing more than disguised lessons that shall only make us wiser.

It might seem difficult today, but you must break those shackles and live free!

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