Leave All Your Worries Behind And Escape In Nature At This Forest Retreat!

Leave All Your Worries Behind And Escape In Nature At This Forest Retreat!

Forest Hills at Tala offers the best glamping, tent and villa stay right in the middle of a forest.
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Do you feel that nature has the answer to all your questions? A stroll on the beach, a climb in the snow-clad mountains, a quiet walk in the woods, and you come out so refreshed, ready to take on life! If you agree, then a weekend getaway at Forest Hills is surely something you’ll love.

A view to remember | Image: Forest Hills at Tala

An eco-luxury retreat tucked away in the dense foliage and trees in Tala, Raigad, it’s a perfect break away from the city life. Begin your day with the chirping of the birds, and slowly wind up with a movie night under a dreamy starry night.

Movie night | Image: Forest Hills at Tala

Get one-on-one with nature with their glamping stays, that lets you have the best of both worlds, or be pampered with their luxurious villas. Either way, your relaxation and rejuvenation are guaranteed!

The glamping tent | Image: Forest Hills at Tala

This, plus a whole range of fun-filled activities like live music, nature trails, and much more will make your stay truly memorable.

They currently have winter specials going on, that offer amazing deals and discounts for your preferred stay.

You can check them out here.

Happy Weekend!

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