What Is Suffering: The Third Of The Four Pillars Of Buddha

What Is Suffering: The Third Of The Four Pillars Of Buddha

Once you recognise the cause of your suffering you can get rid of it. Read on to know how Buddha explains it.
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Happiness and sorrow are like two sides of a coin. Neither happiness lasts nor sorrow, and when we understand this, we will stop being sad, because this too is only temporary. After identifying the causes of suffering, Gautam Buddha has described the third noble truth as ‘Dukkha nirodha’, which means one can get rid of suffering.

It is important to recognize the cause of grief

According to Buddha, just as a doctor goes to the root of a disease, finds out the cause of the disease and treats it accordingly. In the same way, to remove sorrow, it is first necessary to find out its causes. Many times a person does not even know why he is sad, maybe this has happened to you too? Once upon a time, during a discourse at some place, people were asking different questions to Lord Buddha, while seeing a person silently sad, Gautam Buddha asked him, ‘Brother, why are you sad?’ The person replied ‘Know. No.’ This is the condition of most of us as well. We do not even know why we are sad. Buddha said to the person, ‘First know your sorrow, go to its root and see it and then treat it.’

Sadness doesn’t last forever

Mahatma Buddha said that any suffering can be removed. Every human being has to understand that no misery lasts forever, it can be ended. For this, first understand why you are sad, is there really any sadness, or have you just thought that you are sad. When you feel like this, sit in solitude and ask yourself, why am I sad, what is bothering me? When you get the answers to these questions like if you are worried about getting a promotion in your job or if your friend’s going abroad is bothering you, then you have to change yourself first. As far as promotion in the job is concerned, then you can only work hard, it is in the hands of the management. There is nothing you can do, so instead of feeling unnecessarily sad, accept the situation or start looking for another job. friend’s

If going abroad is the reason for your sorrow then it means that you are jealous of him, if he has moved ahead then he has worked hard, you also work hard and go ahead and remove the feeling of jealousy from your mind.

How to recognize the cause of sorrow?
Do self-analysis by sitting alone

Make a list of the things that make you sad and then look at them again and think with a cool mind whether you really need to be upset or sad about these things?

Ask yourself, ‘Why am I sad?’ If you get the answer, remove that reason and if you do not get it, then understand that you have just assumed that you are sad.

Just as happiness is not permanent, sorrow does not last forever, it can be overcome, you just need introspection for this.

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