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ThinkRight is India’s leading meditation and mindfulness destination, guiding people to live a happy and balanced life. Our powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques are created to help you change the way you think, to change the way you live. Featuring a diverse set of experts specialising in the art of meditation, yoga, and mindful living, the ThinkRight app helps you become a better version of yourself.

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Chapter 1: Creating A Beautiful Life

Chapter 1: Creating A Beautiful Life


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Why ThinkRight

Meet the members of the ThinkRight community.

Bella | Writer

“The Daily Journey on the app has been the most useful for me. Every day I wake up and do the morning affirmation. Whenever I feel lost throughout the day, I go back and listen to the affirmations and it grounds me.” – Bella

Mandeep Borah | Advisor

“With ThinkRight, I used positive thinking through meditation which calmed me down and helped me with my stress and anxiety. It also helped me attain a good work-life balance.” – Mandeep

Melanie | Event Manager

“Between trying to run my business and prepping for MBA exams, I was burning myself out. After my friend gave me the ThinkRight app, I started a mindfulness practice through meditation and affirmations and I’ve never looked back.” – Melanie

Birindar | IT Professional

“My wife meditates to destress and she recommended the ThinkRight app to me. As a novice, I found the meditations simple, useful, and relatable, it’s become my go-to for a variety of situations. I favourite them to revisit during tough times.” – Birindar

Gaurav Singh | Creative Professional

“Yoga and meditation are a part of my daily routine but I was a bit undisciplined in my practice. I happened upon the ThinkRight app and it gave me the apt motivation to change my ways.” – Gaurav

Ashish Joshi | Engineer

“I came across ThinkRight online and began following Sister Shivani. I follow the Daily Journeys by her regularly and they help me understand and deal with my emotions better.” – Ashish

Neelima Mehra | Home Chef

“Being a home chef and a mother of two, I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough for everyone. ThinkRight helped me self-soothe and rewire my mindset into a positive one.” – Neelima

Raksha Kumawat | Theatre Actor

“When I started affirming everything through the ThinkRight app, I saw a visible change in myself. Physically and mentally, I became calmer, my days were organized, and I knew where I was heading. It’s been a massive help.” – Raksha

Heena Lulla | Working Mother

“I used to get very restless suffering separation anxiety with my child. My colleague suggested using ThinkRight app and I found a supportive and emotional companion in the app. Even my daughter loves listening to the Daily Journey with me.” – Heena

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