Your Guide to Meditation

A practice that began centuries ago, meditation has the power to enhance your flow of constructive thoughts and positive emotions. By making it a part of your lifestyle, you can align your mind and body. Find the perfect technique for you. 

Types of Meditation

The transformative potential of meditation is best harnessed through practice. Find the type that works for you best and navigate your personal path to mental and physical wellbeing.

Benefits of Meditation

Focus on moment-by-moment experiences by training the mind through mindfulness. Meditation is all about developing calmness, practicing self-awareness of thoughts and emotions.

Quick & Easy Meditations

The easiest way to get centered when you’re thrown off balance is through meditation. A simple 5-10-minute session is enough to leave you feeling calmer and more resilient.

Guided Meditations

If you’re a beginner, guided meditation is a good place to start. Let an experienced teacher walk you through the meditative process and set the right space for you to achieve peace of mind.


Meditation for anxiety

Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Anxiety and Depression 

We've asked the mental health experts to round up the best mindfulness based activities people with anxiety and depression can incorporate into their daily routine or use when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Meditation for focus

How to Centre a Wandering Mind with Focus Meditation?

Focus meditation helps in learning to allow thoughts, feelings and impulses—to come and go in the mind as we cultivate a way of releasing ourselves from the grip of negative remuneration.

Meditation for stress

7 Ways Meditation Can Help Manage Stress & Reduce Anxiety  

Meditation is a calming, transformative activity that can improve health in multiple ways. Here are 7 ways the practice is beneficial for your mind, body and spirit.

Meditation for beginners

Did You Know These Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Meditation for Stress Relief?

Meditation as a complementary health approach? 80.7 million people practice it in India. If you are wondering why so many people are adopting it as a regular habit then you need to read the benefits meditation provides. Science agrees with all of them.

Meditation for calm

How Progressive Relaxation Helps Revitalize Your Brain Cells & Calm the Mind?

Having trouble destressing? Why not try progressive relaxation? Read on to know more.

Visualize Your Purpose  

Create A Beautiful Day | Guided Meditation By Vidisha Kaushal 

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Download the ThinkRight.Me App to surround yourself with a like-minded community of mindful meditators and learn from the best masters in the industry.  

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Let industry experts and world-renowned masters guide you towards a meditation and yoga practice that will change your life.

BK Shivani

BK Shivani is a globally renowned spiritual guide and mentor. The practical and logical solutions that she provides to modern-day problems have touched the lives of many.

Tyagi Shurjo

Kriya Yogi and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Tyagi Shurjo shares his extensive knowledge on how to meditate, relax the body, and still the mind.

Diksha Lalwani

Trained from the Sivananda school of yoga, Diksha has been a meditation and yoga teacher for the past 8 years, based in Mumbai.

Amitabh Swetta

Being trained under masters in fitness sciences, NLP, OSHO Meditation facilitator, bio energy, chakra scanning, and balancing, Amitabh Swetta has helped thousands on the journey to SELF.


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