The Role of Online Pharmacies in Modern Healthcare: A Canadian Perspective

The Canadian healthcare system has witnessed a significant shift in recent years with the rise of online pharmacies. This evolution […]


Living My Best Life: A Soft Life

Is living a soft life the secret to success and happiness?

Mental Health 101

Is Crying A Good Thing For Your Health?

We’ve been told crying is a sign of weakness. But what if it could empower us?


Plastic Trash Bag Alternatives For You To Try Out

To bag or not to bag is the dilemma.

Work-Life Balance

10 Quotes To Help You Prioritise Life Over Work

We're often so busy with life, we forget to take time for ourselves and prioritise life over work. Let these famous celebrities remind you.


Meet The Master: Nishtha Bijlani, Mindfulness And Yoga Expert 

Get to know Nishtha Bijlani, one of the many most-loved masters on the ThinkRight.me app, who is a yoga expert and mindfulness guide.

Mindful Eating

10 Vegetarian Millet Recipes To Celebrate The Year Of Millets

The UN is celebrating 2023 as the International Year of Millets so it’s only obvious that we would make the most of it with these millet recipes.


How To Take Care Of Your Pets In The Monsoon?

A much-needed rain shower spells relief from the heat – for both us and our darling pets but it’s also a time when you need to take extra care of your four-legged friends.


10 Quotes On How To Start Over

Look inside yourself, the strength to start over resides in you.

Clean Beauty

What Are Organic Detergents? Why Should You Know About Them?

A simple switch to organic detergents can save ocean life, find out how.

Mental Health 101

Things Nobody Tells You About Moving Abroad  

Feeling lonely at college is normal, especially when you're studying abroad. But the fruits of your labour are sweeter than you perceive.

Work-Life Balance

5 Low Stress Jobs For People Who Have Anxiety 

If you have anxiety, trying to find a low stress job can be challenging. But there are several career options that may suit you.

Special Features

This Luxury Hotel Group Provides Wellness On Your Phone  

The Leela Palace, Hotels & Resorts partnered with ThinkRight.me, India’s number one mindfulness app to create a one of kind experience for its guests.

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