5 1-Minute Mindfulness Exercises If Meditation Isn’t Your Thing

Don’t have enough time to practice mindfulness meditation? These 1-minute exercises can be practiced anytime, anywhere.
Beginning a mindfulness practice can feel like a daunting task, especially considering our packed schedules and impending to-do lists. But starting small with exercises that take less than a minute or so can make practicing mindfulness very doable. Creating “mindfulness minutes” can complement a daily meditation practice that you might already have, or as Read more...


Setting Healthy Boundaries With Visitors After Having A Baby

Even though having a baby is an exciting event for the entire family, it might result in a constant stream of relatives dropping by. Some of these visitors might be helpful, while others may not be.

Mindful Eating

5 One-Pot Indian Plant-Based Meals For When You Don’t Know What To Cook   

One-pot meals are the answer to a simple home-cooked meal without the hassle of endless prepping and a sinkful of dirty dishes.


Why Rajasthan Is Quickly Becoming One Of India’s Most Sought-After Mindful Destinations?

In the first in our series of exploring wellness destinations that bring inner peace and happiness, we’re taking a trip to Rajasthan.


Inside TRM Talks Edition III With Devyani Pawar And Vikaashh Kripallani

For the third edition of TRM Talks, Devyani Pawar and Vikaashh Kripallan to spoke on the topic, ‘Breaking The Barriers With Your Mind’.


5 Traditional Folk Theatre Forms You Should Know About

With a pinch of colour and dash of élan, folk theatre in India is more than just entertainment; it is an emotional experience to communicate ideas effortlessly.


Why Starting Your Own Garden Can Significantly Improve Your Mental Health?

It's not surprise that nature makes you feel calm. Imagine having the aura of serenity all around with your own home garden.

Stress Release & Anxiety

Is The Extrovert Way Of Stress Management Better Than Introverts?  

Stress management is different for everyone, especially extroverts when compared to introverts. Let's analyse their coping mechanisms.


Clueless About Money? Learn From These 5 Finance Podcasts! 

Money is important but what is equally essential is the relationship you have with it. Money can help you lead a meaningful and productive life, but it can also be the reason of stress and anxiety. There are many experts out there who can help you maintain that balance (both in your bank and in your life).


4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Build Back Strength Plus Asanas To Try 

If you’re someone who sits for a good portion of the day, you’re bound to suffer from back pain. The solution? Practice daily yoga to build a strong back.


10 Simple And Easy Ways To Save Water In Your Home

Save as much water as you can to protect the environment and keep your wallet full with lower energy and water costs.

Mindful Eating

Inspired By Roman History, New Bengaluru Restaurant Promises A Culinary Adventure 

Art Deco meets maximalist extravagance at Chef Manu Chandra’s new restaurant, offering a balmy oasis amidst Bengaluru’s busy MG Road.

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