Developing Self-Awareness As a Parent: Why It’s Essential  

The more self-aware you are, the better your parent-child relationship will be.

Stress Release & Anxiety

What Is Mindfulness Meditation? How Does It Affect You?

Mindfulness Meditation helps break the swirling of thoughts - past events, situations in life, or future’s uncertainty.


Raksha Bandhan 2022: Why We Celebrate This Loving Festival 

Raksha Bandhan signifies the bond of protection between siblings where they vow to love and protect each other, always.


How Can You Change Your Money Mindset To A Positive One?

The right money mindset can help you manage debt, break unhealthy habits, and finally start to build savings that don’t feel like a burden. It’s just a matter of knowing how and where to start.

Mindful Eating

Independence Day Daawat: A Feast For Freedom  

Enjoy India on a plate with The Bombay Canteen’s annual Independence Day Daawat.


How Meditation For Health Improves Heart, Body & Mind

Practicing mindfulness and meditation for health reduces stress and high blood pressure, fights insomnia, and even lowers the risk of heart disease.

Sustainable Fashion

8 Brands in India Keeping The Traditional Art Of Handloom Alive

The handloom art is unique to each region of the country. Read on to know how these brands are helping this age-old art to survive and also helping the artisans along the way.

Mindful Eating

The Star Ingredient In This Brand’s Offering is ‘Tempeh’, A Vegetarian Superfood You Should Get To Know

“We’re building a community of conscious foodies. We don’t say conscious people but conscious foodies because we don't want you to lose the foodie in you. We want you to have the best vegetarian protein possible without having to swear off on taste,” says Siddharth Ramasubramanian, founder and CEO of Hello Tempayy, India’s first packaged tempeh brand.


How Can Regular Meditation Improve Your Wellbeing?

Finding some time every day to meditate – even if it’s for a short period – is better than not meditating at all. Learn about all the benefits the practice can inculcate.

Love & Relationships

5 Mindful Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Friends

Life can be chaotic, but friends make it better. Enrich your life and improve your emotional health by maintaining healthy friendships.


Meditation: A Relaxation Technique to Lower Blood Pressure

Practices that help calm the mind can also lower blood pressure. Find out how.

Mindful Eating

How the First “Made in India” Custard Brand of the Country is Evolving Towards a Sustainable Future? 

“My father came to Delhi after India’s tragic partition. But with his strong business acumen even during those hardship days, he built a company that has stood the test of time – now 66 years old,” says Ashwini Malhotra, Vice Chairman and MD of Pune-based Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd.


The Rising Importance of Wellness Tourism & Mindful Travel

After the fall of global wellness tourism, the sector is bouncing back with gusto. GB Srithar, Regional Director, India, Middle East & South Asia, Singapore Tourism Board analyses the rebound of the increasingly wellness-minded industry.