5 Soothing Ways To Practice Mindfulness During The Winter Months  

Winter can be a cold and dark time for most but there are mindful ways for you to find warmth and be the light.
Are you in love with long winter nights or dread early sunsets? Do you love the holiday cheer and getting dressed for the merry times or do you feel stressed under the pressure of socializing and gifting? Our minds are heavily occupied during this time of the year and trading frustration for gratitude can Read more...


ThinkRight.me Presents ‘TRM Talks’ – A Series Of Tête-à-Tête On Modern Wellbeing   

Our newest offering TRM Talks is a series of tête-à-tête that aims to conduct insightful conversations on burning topics of modern wellbeing.

Mental Health 101

Is Work Wrecking Your Mental Health? 5 Ways To A Healthy Mind At Work 

Given that most working Indians spend over forty hours working each week, caring for your mental health in the office needs to be a priority for everyone.

Mental Health 101

12 Signs You Need A Mental Break And How Can You Recover

Signs of a burnout may differ from person to person, but if you are experiencing any of these common indicators, chances are you need to slow down.


5 Ways To Find Comfort In Not Knowing All The Answers

It's okay to not have all the answers. Letting go of control and finding comfort in the unknown helps us anchor ourselves to the present moment.

Better Sleep

10 Ways To Build A Good Nighttime Hygiene Routine For Better Sleep 

When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, the various habits that we engage in before bedtime can have a significant impact on both the quality and quantity of the rest time.


How Meditation Can Help Us Explore The Universe Within

Regular practice of meditation increases your psychological functioning and in the process enhances brain areas associated with mental processing and empathy.


6 Mindful Books We’re Relaxing With This December  

Looking for a wonderful book to unwind with? We’ve got the perfect selection that pairs amazingly with a warm cup of hot chocolate.


This Loving Kindness Meditation Is A Radical Act of Love

Loving kindness meditation also known as compassion meditation is linked to self-love, compassion and kindness. Learn how to harvest it's power with this simple routine.


Anulom Vilom: How to Practice Alternate Nostril Breathing 

A specific type of pranayama or controlled breathing, Anulom Vilom can improve patience and focus while reducing stress and anxiety. Learn how to do it.


Don’t Just Sit There! 3 Alternative Meditation Positions 

Whether you’re a beginner or a regular practitioner of meditation, the first step is to find the most comfortable position that suits you best.

Love & Relationships

How to Help a Loved One Deal with Stress

It is not easy handling a partner who has being going through depression for years. But you can lend a hand with these easy tips to help a loved one cope with stress.

Sustainable Fashion

This Sustainable Brand Owner is Slowing Down Influence & Building A Slow Fashion Community Instead 

“You don't need to keep buying things to be happy and the name of the brand came from this concept of having less. One Less environmental hazard, One Less health risk to workers, One Less carbon footprint, One Less gender stereotype, One Less piece of clothing,” says Founder & CEO of One Less Hansika Chhabria.

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