5 Commandments To Abide By This Year

5 Commandments To Abide By This Year

Here are some thoughts you must believe and abide by this year.
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Every year we form resolutions for ourselves to better, set higher goals, improve ourselves or plan the path to achieving a goal we have in mind. To achieve those goals, we need to be disciplined and have a strong firm by following rules and guidelines that we lay out for ourselves. Here are 5 commandments that we must follow in order to become a better version of ourselves, irrespective of the goals and resolutions we have made. 

1. Treat everyone with dignity and respect

As a just and fair human being, it is important that you treat everyone equally. Respect is a feeling of admiration and esteem for others, and dignity is the belief that all human beings have inherent worth, deserve basic rights and equitable treatment. When you treat others with dignity and respect you will seek collaborative relationships that bring positivity to your life. Learn to have empathy for everyone’s life situation. Validate their contribution to society and in your life as well.  

2. Help those in need

If you’re blessed with a skill, why not share it with others? Sharing your skill or helping someone out doesn’t make you a bigger person, it shows how compassionate you are as a person. It will also help you build stronger connections with your friends and community. Helping others will also give you a new perspective in life. By looking at the challenges of other people’s lives, it makes you more accepting of the hardships and stress in your life; thus building resilience. 

human kindness
Helping others creates compassion within. Image | Unsplash

3. Be open to criticism and opinions

Criticism is all about how you take it. It is a strong form of communication that gives you an opportunity to learn from them. The right kind of criticism can give you an advantage. If you’re told to give someone the perfect product or service, there is no room for complaints. This puts you at an advantage over people who are not receiving criticism the way they should be. Similarly, when it comes to opinions, be open to listening to what the other person has to say. You may not agree with them, but a feeling of mutual respect goes a long way. Sometimes maybe by just listening, you can see a subject from a broader perspective thus broadening your horizon and expanding your beliefs. 

4. Try new things 

The fear of the unknown has haunted us all at some point in life. Trying new things will re-emphasize your strengths. If you seek more in life, you must try something new and boost your self-confidence. You tend to be more empathetic when you try new things because you have stepped in someone else’s shoes. You know how it feels to something you always looked up to or were afraid of. If nothing else, you will create new memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life.  

try new things
New opportunities foster personal growth. Image | Unsplash

5. Educate yourself

Educating yourself is a constant process. It’s great that you earned a high school or college degree. Educating yourself goes beyond that. Learn new things, seek knowledge to think critically. The inability to make a comparison between false facts, ideas or arguments makes one susceptible to believing false premises or ideas that might be detrimental to the person itself. Ignorance is only temporary, and it will delay you from being enlightened. 

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Having a good belief system will hold you back from derailing your life. Honesty, truthfulness, morality and humanity are the main qualities of a person. Following these powerful commandments will make your life easier. Simply put, you are more efficient when you are not at war with your neighbours and society.  

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