Secrets And Strategies Of Successful People: 5 Founders Share Their Advice 

Secrets And Strategies Of Successful People: 5 Founders Share Their Advice 

These secrets can help you cover the gap between who you are and what you want to become.
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Successful people recognize that success requires set traits, behaviours, and actions that need to be followed. The thought, “I will do what it takes to get to where I want to go” will give you the drive to take you to your goals. They also know that life is not linear; it comes with its own set of ups and downs. Those who rise above with resilience are the ones that carve their path towards success. The true secret to success is to keep learning and becoming better at what you do every day.  

5 Founders’ Secrets On How They Manage To Be So Successful And Driven  

1. Hansika Chhabria, Founder, One Less

hansika chhabria 
one less

2. Siddharth Ramasubramanian, Founder & CEO, Hello Tempayy

siddharth ramasubramanian
hello tempayy

3. Ashwini Malhotra, Vice Chairman & MD, Weikfield, Pvt. Ltd.

ashwini malhotra

4. Gauri Malik, Founder, Sirohi

gauri malik

5. Komal Jain, Founder, Yoga Land

komal jain
yoga land

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