5 Lesser-Known Benefits Of The Butterfly Pose

5 Lesser-Known Benefits Of The Butterfly Pose

The butterfly pose has more benefits than you knew.
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You might know that the butterfly pose is great for relaxing the muscles after a heavy workout. But, it also has other fantastic benefits that will make you want to practice this asana every day.

How do we practice the butterfly pose?

Originally referred to as ‘titli asana,’ and ‘baddha konasana,’ the butterfly pose is pretty easy to follow. You tuck both the feet close to the pelvis area, with hands clasped tightly together. It gets its name because of how the legs give the appearance of a butterfly flapping its wings.

The butterfly pose | Image: File Image
Here’s how to do it.
  1. Sit on your yoga mat or a well-cushioned area. Start by straightening your spine with legs stretched out.
  2. Now, bend both the knees to resemble a winged butterfly. Then, bring your feet towards your pelvis area, as close as you can. Join them together and clasp them with your hands.
  3. Start with your knees and thighs touching your mat, and then start flapping both the legs up and down, like the wings of a butterfly.
  4. Remember to keep your spine straight while performing the pose and stretch your legs out to come back to the starting point.

If you’re having trouble keeping your back straight, then you can look up to the ceiling, and your back will straighten out on its own.

What are the benefits one can reap from the butterfly pose?

Reduces back pain

This pose engages the lower back muscles and gives them a good stretch. Practicing this asana regularly helps reduce chronic back pain постільна білизна купити. As the pose requires placing the heels close to the pelvis area, the lower back is relieved of stress and pressure.

Reduces stress and helps with fatigue

The butterfly pose is a great way to improve blood circulation in the body, which then helps to reduce lethargy and fatigue ліхтар кемпінговий. It also helps to relieve tension from your neck and shoulders, thereby making you feel refreshed. Regular practice will benefit your upper body and improve your posture.

Beneficial for pregnant women

Very beneficial for pregnant women | Image: File Image

This asana drives away abdominal discomfort, every time you stretch the groin area. The hips, thighs, and pelvic region are exercised, which makes normal delivery much easier. This asana also helps to improve digestion, which is disrupted during the pregnancy period купить тактическую рубашку. Although, please consult your doctor before practicing this pose.

Benefits the reproductive organs

With the butterfly pose, you can stay rest assured that your reproductive system will stay happy and healthy emerson gear. This pose stimulates blood flow to the ovaries, prostate gland, bladder, and kidneys. It is one of the very few yoga asanas that help with improving fertility.

Improves flexibility

If you stand or move around for a large part of your day, then the stretching from the butterfly pose is perfect for you плитоноска койот. It stretches the inner thighs, groins, knees, and reduces the soreness or tightness in the leg muscles.

Perfectly easy to follow, and with so many health benefits, the butterfly pose is truly a ‘wonder pose.’

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