How To Help Kids With ADHD?

How To Help Kids With ADHD?

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Do you find your child having difficulties in paying attention? Is he/she constantly interrupting others or being fidgety? This may be a symptom of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Also, they may constantly be restless and active. Now, most kids are hyperactive, so how do you identify symptoms of ADHD? And overcome ADHD behaviour problems at school?

Symptoms Of ADHD:

You will know that your child suffers from ADHD if they show a persistent and ongoing pattern of these three symptoms:

  1. Inattentiveness
  2. Hyperactivity
  3. Impulsivity
ADHD behaviour problems at school
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Children suffering from ADHD will fail to follow instructions and have organising problems. They will dislike anything that requires mental effort and will be unable to sit in one place. In addition, they talk continuously and are impatient. Unfortunately, there is no fixed cure for ADHD. Medicine, education & training, therapy or combination of the above can be used as treatment.

How Can You Overcome ADHD Behaviour Problems At School:


For children, therapy includes a lot of help from parents and teachers. So, you can make a routine, organize everyday items, and use homework organizers. Praise children for their efforts.

Education & Training:

This is most significant for the parents of ADHD children. It teaches them the skills they need to encourage and reward positive behaviours in their children. Stress management and support groups help them respond calmly to their kids’ behaviour.

School-based Programs:

Some schools provide special education services to children with ADHD. Educational specialists work along with the child, parents and teachers. Thereby, ensuring changes in the classroom and homework assignments to help the child succeed.

Think Right Tips:

  • Please bear in mind, ADHD is a medical condition and not a reason for sloppiness or laziness.
  • If you see the symptoms in your child, do not ridicule or blame your child for it.
  • On the contrary, show your child love and support and celebrate their qualities and little wins.

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