What Is The Importance Of Staying Hydrated?

What Is The Importance Of Staying Hydrated?

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Stepping out on a hot, sunny day even for a few minutes could make you feel weak. Or those harsh winters could lead to several dehydration related issues. Although dehydration can be a major concern on summer days, it may occur at any time of the year if you don’t drink enough water. Apart from this, health benefits of staying hydrated throughout the year are many. So, here’s more about the importance of proper hydration.

Why water intake is so important?

Not only is human body made up of high amounts of water, but it also requires water to carry out a lot of body functions. Some of these functions include regulating your body’s temperature, lubricating the joints in your body, and removing the waste. But did you know that benefits of staying hydrated throughout the year go beyond mere bodily functions. A well hydrated body can help you stay fit as fiddle, both physically and mentally.

benefits of staying hydrated
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Here are a few common benefits of staying hydrated throughout the year

  • Regulates blood pressure: When you drink ample water, it helps in lowering your blood pressure naturally. So, you can get yourself into a habit of drinking water to keep your blood pressure regulated without popping pills.
  • Reduces fatigue: Feeling fatigued can trigger your systems to become sluggish. And that includes your brain. One of the main reasons behind fatigue is dehydration. A glass of water can instantly pep you up and help feel energized.
  • Works as an anti-aging formula: Most of our body functions require water for their smooth operation. So, a hydrated body has enough water to use for its daily functioning and that’s why it will work less. In the process, your body will age less and look fresher.
  • Enhances mood: Hydrating yourself can be the best mood-lifter. Research has linked depression with chronic dehydration. And this is especially true with reference to the production and metabolism of serotonin, tryptophan, and amino acids.
  • Helps brain functions: Your brain needs to be well-hydrated for it to perform various functions. Losing too much water can lead to an imbalance, that can affect your brain cells. And as a result, they may lose efficiency.
  • Helps memory functions: Dehydration leads to an impairment of short-term memory function. Further, it also hampers the recall of long-term memory. In short, when your fluids are low, you may struggle with simple mental arithmetic like miscalculating the change you need to take back from the vegetable seller.

But how do you identify dehydration?

Despite drinking ample water, your body may still demand more of it depending on the weather and environmental conditions. So, how to understand that your body needs to be hydrated? Here are a few symptoms that indicate you could be dehydrated.

  • You may pass little urine or at times you may just not urinate for long durations. Even the colour of your urine can indicate how well-hydrated you are. Darker the colour, lesser the amount of water in your body.
  • Lack of water can make your feel thirsty more often and your mouth may also dry up.
  • Headaches, sleepiness, and fatigue are other common symptoms of dehydration.
  • Apart from that, confusion, dizziness, and lightheadedness can also indicate dehydration.
  • A not-so-common but important symptom is that of tearless crying.

You need not wait for these symptoms to include fluids in your diet. You can start maintaining good hydration levels right away. But if for any reason you find it difficult to do so, here are a few important tips.

Useful tips to stay hydrated in all seasons

  • Carry a water bottle wherever you go.
  • Make your own infused water. You can add a little lemon juice or a slice of lemon to plain water and give it some flavour. Along with that you can also add some basil leaves.
  • When you are working out, make sure you take a water break. You should have water even before and after your exercise.
  • At times, your mind can confuse thirst with hunger. So, if you feel hungry at odd times, try drinking water first.
  • Create a schedule to drink water if you are the forgetful types or too busy with work. That will ensure that you’re getting enough water.

With the help of these useful and effective tips, you can maintain good water level in your bodies.

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