5 Ways Of Reconnecting With The Real World

5 Ways Of Reconnecting With The Real World

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‘Searching’ for friends in a virtual game of ‘hide and seek’, ‘collecting’ Pokémons, there’s so much that the mobile world has for us. So much, that we’ve drowned ourselves too deep into the world of virtual gaming. The mobile-gaming fever is so high and common that even the Prime Minister has taken note of it in one of his recent public interactions. The effect of using mobile phone too much on our lives is massive. But the good news is, there’s a respite. Take a look.

Bust the effect of using mobile phone too much

Staying submerged in an unreal world while neglecting the simple joys of life has become common. No matter how we feel, we tend to find a shelter for ourselves behind our mobile screens. But there’s a way out. And that’s what the heart-warming short film above tells us. All you need to do is, START! Just begin unscrambling.

Here are a few things you can do to move one step closer to yourself and the real world.

# 1 Open the treasure box of your childhood games

Remember the time when you and your family used to play cards and boards games? You indeed had a great time together. Or the time when you were all by yourself and only had your Rubix Cube to accompany you? Revisit those days and bring out a few of those childhood games.

# 2 Blow the dust off your FM Radio

How much ever old school it may seem but listening to the radio will never go out of fashion. Would you not prefer waiting for your song in the mixtape of the day rather than just picking your track and playing it directly?

# 3 Capture your special moments… But in permanent pictures

You may not remember everything about that crazy picture you uploaded on Facebook last year. But you definitely remember everything moment by moment, about every single picture from your childhood photo album.

Bring the preserved memories to life | Image: File Image
# 4 Let nothing replace your ‘Nukkad Ki Chai’

Chit-chatting with friends is something you’re going to do forever. No matter what age you are. So why not do it over ‘Chai-Samosa’ at the ‘Nukkad waali chai ki dukaan’? I bet, no messenger gives you that service.

# 5 Make new friends, in the real world

You’re never too old to make new friends in the real world. The probability of your 5 real-world friends to help in your crisis is much higher than that of even 2 in the list of your 2000 friends from the web world.

Your life is much more beautiful outside the screen of your mobile. Look up and look around.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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