Gujarat’s Woman Police Force To Get Training In ‘Lock And Hold’ Technique

Gujarat’s Woman Police Force To Get Training In ‘Lock And Hold’ Technique

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In an attempt to reduce the woman power required to escort female prisoners to court, the Gujarat Police force has taken a call to teach 30 women police officers the ‘Lock and Hold’ Technique. Gujarat Police believes that learning this technique would help the force save money, time and manpower for other purposes.

Need for the revision

DGP Shivanand Jha said that the know-how of the technique would enable just one or two policewomen to perform the escort duty, instead of the three or four policewomen who currently do it. The women personnel from different SRP groups were being trained at the Karai Police academy in the 5-day training programme. After their training, the 30 women cops were then tasked to train women cops in other regions of the state. Jha added that the woman power saved will be used for better policing and public safety.

Image: DNA INDIA | Professor Jaishankar’s Twitter

What’s the technique about

DGP Vikas Sahay, from the academy, informed that the ‘Lock and Hold’ Technique is a way of holding a prisoner or an accused while on escort duty by just one cop. Sahay said that by using this method, the cop can hold a prisoner’s hand in a way that she cannot escape and can be over-powered quickly even if she tries to get away. The technique is believed to be effective even if the prisoner is better built than the escort.

We applaud Gujarat Police’s initiative to make full use of its resources and making women police force more efficient in these times where crime is rampant.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

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