Discover Your Potential With These Useful Tips

Discover Your Potential With These Useful Tips

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“Honour your innate potential.” I heard these words from my lecturer’s mouth for the very first time in college. Initially, I took these words to mean having an inflated ego or to hyperbolize one’s qualities. But after getting enrolled in a full-time, practical, learning school called ‘life after college’, I realized that my lecturer had voiced a deep truth that day. She was asking us to shift our outlook from outer limitation to inner limitlessness. She was asking us to set up the connection with self because the innate potential exists within and helps us to experience life in its full glory. And at a larger level, she was asking us to respect the authenticity of self and society. But then, how to find your own potential? How to discover it? Let’s find out more in this article.

How to find your own potential? 

You become aware of the infinite possibilities lying within as soon as you are truly connected with your innate potential. It is the moment when you stop thinking about what’s missing, or lacking, or not working.

In short, you’re transformed. And here’s how you may see it in your life.

  • Living every moment of every day deeply, in touch with the minutest miracles of life.
  • Feeling content in the world full of unsatiated desires.
  • Focusing more on the positives than the negatives.
  • Transcending the problem and not succumbing to it.
  • Focusing more on what you can do in undesired circumstances than giving up.
  • Being accountable and taking responsibility for refurbishing your surroundings. 

And when you are disconnected from your innate potential, the situation is exactly opposite in every which way. You may often struggle to enjoy and celebrate life. The biggest irony of life is that your innate potential is an inseparable essence of your self, a river that never runs dry. But we struggle to delve deeper into it. Fortunately, there are easy ways to access the reservoir of inner potential.

how to find your own potential
How to find your own potential | Image: File Image
Tip # 1: Drop inner deafness

Learn to listen to yourself without being biased; without sparing a thought to the negative thoughts; acknowledging your state of mind and the feeling of discontent, discomfort, and dissatisfaction. Don’t ignore that inner voice or imprecate it. Rather observe it and focus on how you can access the innate potential. Thereafter, figure out how to express it positively.

Tip # 2: Learn to express

Like any other skill, expressing oneself requires practice. One needs to find time in one’s routine where he or she is relatively relaxed and can express one’s potential with relative ease. Initially, it might be challenging to gain access to the innermost being of one’s self. But, bit by bit, the path eases. And one can start gaining glimpses of that potential.

Tip # 3: Remove the walls

It helps to pull down the protective walls that we unknowingly construct to save ourselves from the blatant judgment of the world. Doing away with the state of perpetual fear of others’ opinions is a step towards connecting with who you truly are. It entitles you to feel what you are actually feeling; enables you to get comfortable in your own skin; empowers you to express your potential without making you or someone else uncomfortable. And, it enlivens our life!

Honour yourself like a walking human god that you truly are.

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