Caught In A Loop Of Negative Thoughts? Now, You Can Break-free!

Caught In A Loop Of Negative Thoughts? Now, You Can Break-free!

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Have you ever caught yourself repeating thoughts over and over? The same thoughts are played in your head like a cassette; being played in loops, thoughts which are simply catastrophic, and full of regrets, planning and fantasies. If you have then you have earned the sobriquet of “A Sticky Mind”.

Stickiness of the mind is a term used for a biologically based trait that is experienced as repetitive thinking in a loop. It is a sense of getting ensnared in worries, and imaginative catastrophic images. This trait is hereditary. People are sensitive to stress, fatigue, illness, conflict or even positive stress like excitement.

repeating thoughts over and over
The cycle of negative thoughts | Image: File Image

Please bear in mind that stickiness is not a mental disorder, but is just a characteristic. Again, this can be easily dealt with so that people can have a purposeful life.

The Struggle Of A Sticky Mind:

One cannot get rid of sticky thoughts by simple direct methods. In fact, trying to resist these thoughts or arguing with them, seeking reassurance about them, or reproaching oneself does not sort the issue at hand. What it does do, is add shame and anger about not being able to get rid of them, and you end up worrying even more. Then, this struggle escalates, and you are right back at where you started, probably worse.

How to Avoid Repeating Thoughts Over And Over Again:

The best way to deal with a sticky mind is not to struggle with it, but to identify it and make it a part of your life. Take a step back, for a broader perspective. Try to handle things with curiosity and humour, instead of urgency and alarm. If you take the sticky thoughts too seriously, it will create a reluctance to take risks and will lead to a limited lifestyle and feelings of profound distress.

The best approach to deal with this, is called the Therapeutic Surrender. It starts with a shift in attitude, which relieves the mind of all distress and limitations. It helps to see things the way they really are, not an exaggerated version of things, no matter how serious they may be.

Stickiness is desired only in desserts and decadents, so let’s just stick to that, and not get caught in the tornado of all this catastrophe.

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