This Diwali, Give Your Loved Ones The Gift Of Mindfulness With

This Diwali, Give Your Loved Ones The Gift Of Mindfulness With

Here’s why is the best Diwali gift for everyone!
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The past eight months have turned our lives upside down. The stress that tagged along with the pandemic plus managing work and household chores, is surely not a cakewalk. In times like these, achieving peace of mind and being stress-free, is something everyone is in dire need of. This is where we come into the picture. You have the chance to make this festive season even more special for your loved ones, by gifting them peace of mind with’s annual subscription offer!

Why gift a subscription to a meditation & mindfulness app?

It has been scientifically proven that regular meditation and mindfulness helps reduce overall stress and anxiety in life.

It helps boost self-awareness, removes negative emotions, increases patience, and helps tackle a stressful situation in a better way.

Why choose

Currently, we have 13 renowned Masters and Guides on the App, who assist you with goal-oriented meditations, such as personal growth, sleep, inner peace, self-healing, mindfulness and many more.

Our exclusive daily journey provides you with a powerful meditation every day, this unique journey is anchored by the world-renowned mentor BK Shivani.

Explore the exclusively curated brand-new library of guided meditations and mindfulness practices. 

Listen to ambient sounds, relaxing music, Indian healing sounds, or nature melodies to rejuvenate.

Track, record, and analyse your emotional fitness with our Mood Tracker.

The Japa Counter and Meditation Times will help you track meditation practices.

You can also meditate on-the-go with our quick meditations, and instantly relieve stress and negative emotions.

Explore all of the above and much more on our App.

Help bring a positive change in someone’s life, gift an annual subscription of!

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