This Lifestyle Brand Is Shifting The Narrative Around Plant-Based Nutrition

This Lifestyle Brand Is Shifting The Narrative Around Plant-Based Nutrition

With an influx of people taking the pledge to live more sustainably, Onelife founder shares Gaurav Aggarwal what is the future of plant-based nutrition.
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The popularity of a plant-based diet has skyrocketed twofold since the pandemic hit, making people sit up and take notice of the climate crisis that’s only rising in scale. More and more people are doing the things that are in their control by adopting sustainable lifestyle changes, one of the major ones being switching en masse to a plant-based diet, which is essential to protect wildlife habitats and prevent the loss of numerous species facing extinction. Plus, generally speaking, diets that focus heavily on plant matter tend to be healthier, giving you the gift of living a longer life with fewer heart problems.  

Initially, it’s only natural for you to face a few qualms about completely shifting to plant-based foods especially when it comes to protein but swapping animal protein for an equally diverse diet of plant-based proteins will bring you a similar spectrum of nutrients. To decode the myths around plant-based nutrition, we speak with Onelife Nutriscience founder Gaurav Aggarwal on what is the role of plant-based supplements in the industry.  

gaurav aggarwal
plant-based nutrition
Years of experience gave Aggarwal a lot of insights and knowledge about innovation and technology development in the space of health and nutraceutical from where Onelife came into existence.

Having had the opportunity of honing his entrepreneurial skills early on by managing the family business of pharmaceuticals, it was instinctive for Gaurav Aggarwal to get drawn towards nutraceuticals as a way to diversify the business. Pulling from his years of experience, insights, and knowledge of health and nutraceutical, Aggarwal founded Onelife to present the consumers with a conscious opportunity to live it right. With over 100 products made with the perfect blend of science and nature and that cater to nutrition, wellness, and beauty concerns of all, the brand has a strong presence across 15 cities in West and North India. How did Onelife Nutriscience get started? What was the inspiration behind the brand? 

Gaurav Aggarwal: I have personally experienced that evolving need for nutrition changes with changing lifestyles and life stages. I have always believed we all have only one life and we should strive our best to live it right. This has motivated me to use my experience and expertise in healthcare to be your partner in your journey for good health. We wanted to create products that cater to your every need with supreme quality ingredients  

TRM: What sets Onelife apart from the rest? 

GA: At Onelife, we believe that making true claims is far more important than making big claims for your overall well-being. No two people are the same when it comes to their nutritional requirements, therefore we have multiple product categories and delivery formats for addressing different nutritional needs. Another thing that makes us different is that our products are clinically researched and formulated and are a perfect blend of nature and science.  

Plant-based supplements are not only healthier for you but also for the planet.

TRM: Tell us about Onelife’s driving belief or tagline, “Live it right”. How did you arrive at that? And what does ‘living right’ mean to you? 

GA: Onelife’s tagline encompasses the vision that we all have ‘one life’ and we must do our best to live it right! 

We all try to live it right in all the roles and capacities that life presents us with. To achieve all we strive for, it is extremely vital to remain in our best health. This is the sole reason for our existence. People are unique, so naturally they’ll have unique preferences when it comes to nutritional requirements, hence we believe that there should be multiple products and delivery formats to enable them to achieve good health. 

TRM: What is Onelife challenging or trying to change in the nutrition and wellness industry? 

GA: We try to provide the best and truly required nutrition organically and naturally by blending nature & science in the best possible way. We are trying to make wellness a part of everyone’s lifestyle. No matter what your health goal, Onelife has a solution for everyone. We are trying to incorporate every consumer’s needs, hence the idea of Plant Range products. We also want nutrition to be available in various formats for consumers to choose from according to their needs like powder, pills, gummies, oral strips, etc. 

gaurav aggarwal
plant-based nutrition
Onelife has over 100 products in the nutrition, wellness and beauty space with presence in more than 15 cities across West and North India as of today.

TRM: What has been the proudest moment of your journey so far? 

GA: We are proud of the many milestones which we have achieved. But happy customers and their feedback make our day! 

TRM: Being an entrepreneur is such a high-pressure job, can you share with our readers a few mindfulness tips that you consciously practice daily?  

GA: Eat right 

Make fitness and wellbeing a priority 


Live it Right 

TRM: Do you have any exciting plans for the future or anything new you’d like to share with us? 

GA: Onelife is committed to being your health and wellness partner always. We shall be launching many new products and in multiple delivery formats for our customers in the coming months. 

You can purchase Onelife products here and can also explore their social handles on Instagram and Facebook.

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