A Greener Diet For A Healthier You!

A Greener Diet For A Healthier You!

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Health problems are on the rise. As a matter of fact, more people are falling sick and acquiring diseases than ever before. This has rightly motivated people to look into their diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. By the same token, it is time to emphasize on the veggies you should eat everyday to boost your metabolism.

A Balanced Meal

A ‘Healthy Eating Plate’ was created as a guide for a healthy balanced meal, according to a Harvard research. It consisted of everything- protein, vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy oils and plenty of water.

veggies you should eat everyday
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Veggies You Should Eat Everyday: The Plant-Way Forward

According to nutritionist Mia Rigden, we must devise a diet which consists of 70% vegetables.

Surely, more variety of vegetables in your diet, ensures more nutrients in your body. Also, you can consume any food you want, just add more vegetables to your plate.

Benefits Of A Greener Diet:

Your food choice maybe omnivore or vegan, there is one thing we can all agree to. It is that everyone needs to simply get more vegetables, fruits and whole plant foods on our plates.

More fibre means better protection against illnesses with the increase in antioxidants. We make our bodies and brains more resilient with phytonutrition- nutrients. And plants have these in abundance.

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