How Do Your Emotions Impact The Environment?

How Do Your Emotions Impact The Environment?

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Plastic, harmful gases, contamination, these are some obvious physical ways in which human beings deteriorate environment. People take refuge in the hills or flee to the sea to escape from the banter of their everyday lives. Nature helps you forget about your negative emotions. But these are just some of the ways humans interact with the environment.

Did you know that your emotions, positive or negative, also have an impact on the environment? It may be hard to believe, but it is indeed true. Your emotions and thoughts impact the environment around us.

At a time when we are faced with environmental issues like global warming and rising pollution. Perhaps, it is vital for us to realize that our thoughts can actually shape our planet’s future too. Hence, it becomes essential for us to hold on to positive thoughts and spread the cheer around. It is not just for our personal growth but for the mankind.

In what ways do humans interact with the environment?


Dr Emoto, a scientist turned artist, has spent years studying human emotions, and the impact of emotions on the universe around. As far back as 1944, he started working with water as part of his scientific experiments. His experiments included talking, singing and playing music to water. The results of this experiment were truly astounding as the water crystals responded with astonishing formations to positive emotions. He noticed that with raucous music, the crystals would not even get appropriately formed. He thus proved to the world that the universe does indeed respond to our emotions, only if we care to observe the same.

Now, just consider that 60% of our body and 70% of our universe is water and you can understand the significance of this study on how important it is to know and use our emotions to impact the environment.

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There is a practice followed in the Solomon Islands in which, when the people there want to cut a big tree they don’t do it by using an axe. All they do is get together near it, and simply yell and curse at it. And it is said that all this negative energy from the Islanders, actually results in the tree dying on its own! In fact, people who nurture plants or tend to gardens can vouch for this fact. They would tell you that love and care yields positive results. By talking to plants, sending good vibes when watering plants and channelling love to the plants you can actually impact their growth, yield, and health.

Energy healing for humans and animals

There are many forms of energy healing in practices and some of these, work on the principles of using emotions to heal the body. It is said that we can use some positive thoughts and affirmations in our daily prayers to keep ourselves healthy. Few simple things like saying, “I love myself and I ensure to conduct only positive actions today.” Or saying, “I am happy today and I spread the happiness around” etc. and following it through can bring about significant change.

Now you know the impact of your emotions on the environment by the ways humans interact with the environment. So, which vibes will you be sending out into the universe today?

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