How Do I Stop Fighting With My Parents?

How Do I Stop Fighting With My Parents?

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I can still remember every single moment I used to quarrel with my mother. Unhealthy food choices, wrong clothes, bad routine, and what not! There was only one question my parents had – “why do I argue so much with everyone?” As teens, we are finding our own way, battling mood swings and handling our changing hormones. With so much on our plate, we feel burnt out and sometimes take it out on our parents. How do we rectify this?

Why Do I Argue So Much With Everyone Over Small Issues?

Clashes are very common between teens and parents. Teens feel angry because they feel that their parents don’t respect them. They feel that their parents are always on top of their heads, telling them what to do and what not to. They need their own personal space and time which they don’t get.

why do I argue so much with everyone
The endless quarrels | Image: File Image

Teenagers don’t understand the concern parents have. Or why they need their children’s lives in a proper routine. The arguments arise because of this. Children are unable to understand their parent’s love. And parents are unable to understand that their little baby is now growing into an adult.

An adult, who has his/her own mind-set, likes and dislikes. And these may not be the same as them. But rest assured, even these small tiffs have their benefits –

The Upside:

For Parents

With passing time and age parents get more comfortable with their kids and their ideas. They understand that their children have an identity of their own. That is when they start communicating with their child. These communications deepen the parent-teenager bond.

For Children

Children gain their parent’s respect and vice versa. Your parents were teens once. Instead of lashing out at them trying talking. You may be able to make them see things from your perspective. Rather than quarreling, sit them down and discuss.

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