10 Best Yoga Channels For All Kinds Of Users

10 Best Yoga Channels For All Kinds Of Users

Waiting for yoga studios or gyms to re-open? Stop waiting and start getting fit by following these yoga channels on YouTube.
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When there’s chaos outside, one should delve inside to find the calm. While the pandemic has made our lives totally chaotic, yoga can help you find your zen, deal with stress, and keep your body fit. As says Amit Ray, an Indian author and spiritual master, “Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength, and beauty to body, mind, and soul.”

These yoga gurus will be your online mentors and help you tackle every issue you have at hand. Give it a try, because “Yoga se Hoga!”


Who: Multiple Trainers

Perfect For: Beginners

If you’re a total newbie to the world of yoga, then this channel is perfect. The channel’s videos are a compilation of simple yoga asanas and safe stretches for beginners. They’re a team of dedicated doctors, yoga teachers, and health coaches, who bring to you the best of yoga and healing practices. Take care of your body with their informative videos on body and mind. You shall notice Yoga doing its magic from the first session itself.        

Yoga With Adriene

Who: Adriene Mishler

Perfect For: Weight management

Her channel should be your go-to if weight management is your objective. Her yoga flows are quite unique and effective. She also has dedicated videos for calming yoga poses, and the foundations of yoga. Beginners, as well as intermediates, can benefit from her videos.

Natasha Noel

Perfect For: Breathing exercises

Believe it or not, but the way you breathe has significant importance in your health. Natasha Noel gives very detailed instructions for different Pranayama techniques or breathing yoga. Her channel is also filled with yoga asanas that help you lose weight and tone your body. Easy to do at home, her yoga sessions are fun and quirky.

Shilpa’s Yoga

Who: Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Perfect For: People with health issues

Shilpa Shetty has been a household name in India. She’s been practicing yoga for years and vouches for its benefits. Her channel has informative yoga videos in Hindi and English, that help people deal with issues like back pain, constipation, diabetes, spondylitis, and many more lifestyle diseases. She gives proper step-by-step instructions so that people who are new to yoga can easily follow.

Yoga With Kassandra

Who: Kassandra Reinhardt

Perfect For: Relaxation

While yoga energises the body, it can also calm it down. Kassandra’s yoga flow will help you rejuvenate and slowly glide into a relaxed mood. Her videos are easy to understand, and her little anecdotes will help you understand what each asana does and how it benefits you.

The Yoga Institute

Who: Dr Hansaji Yogendra

Perfect For: Yoga and health tips

They look at yoga in a very holistic manner, where wellness goes beyond the body. Dr Hansaji Yogendra shares her valuable knowledge on so many subjects! Be it reasons to eat ghee every day or finding out the psychology behind modern love, the channel answers some really interesting questions. And without a doubt, their yoga videos help you live a healthy and wholesome life.

Faith Hunter

Perfect For: Spirituality

A New York based yoga and meditation instructor, her videos are a blend of spirituality, guided meditations, Chakra awakening, breathing exercises, and some good old yoga asanas. Faith Hunter is the channel if you to attain a divine connection with the higher conscience through yoga. Her approach to spirituality is very modern and refreshing.

Yoga With Bird

Who: Francine Copillone

Perfect For: Restorative yoga

Stress and negative emotions mess up our mind, and also our body. It hampers effective organ function and puts pressure on the immune system. Francine Copillone’s relaxing yoga asana flow helps counter these issues through her restorative yoga. Her videos are truly one of a kind. You can also explore her channel for morning yoga, and feel-good yoga.

Praveen Yoga Academy

Who: Praveen Verma

Perfect For: Advanced yoga

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, and want to take it a step further, then Praveen is your guy. His channel contains very detailed videos of asanas and stretching poses that are a little advanced. We would not recommend this channel for beginners, but for intermediates, it’s worth a try.

Note: Please be extremely careful, understand your body well, and only then proceed to do the asanas.

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

Who: Jessica Pumple

Perfect For: Expecting mothers 

Yoga is proven to help expecting mothers sleep better, have reduced stress and anxiety, increase the strength and flexibility of muscles needed for childbirth, plus reduce back pain, nausea, and headaches. It’s best to begin yoga in the second trimester, and even if you’re new to yoga, this channel will come in very handy to easy-to-do and effective asanas, that will help you glide through your pregnancy.

One practice, endless benefits, give yoga a try during this lockdown, and transform your life!

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