10 Self Reflection Questions For The New Year 

10 Self Reflection Questions For The New Year 

As you reflect on the past year, set your intentions for the new year with these thoughtful questions.
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The year 2022 is coming to an end. And while we admit the past three years have been absolutely chaotic, the lessons that the last year has taught us have restored some faith and hope in us, invoking a sense of control and normalcy. We all have our fears and challenges to face but for 2023, let’s strive to adapt to the times with our core values unshaken. As we settle into this new normal that we’ve created for ourselves, many of us are hyper-focused on productivity and achievement. The beginning of the new year serves as a wonderful way to start afresh but before you go about listing your resolutions and your goals, take some time to ask yourself these 10 self-reflection questions for the new year to realize your strengths and weaknesses.  

End-of-the-year questions are essential to highlight areas of our lives where we found success and the areas where we need improvement. It forces us to be critical of the choices we’ve made and evaluate fairly how we can make better ones in the future. This exercise is extremely beneficial as it provides insights to pave the way towards positivity and success as the new year starts.  

So, pull out your journal, grab a pen and get ready to do some serious soul searching with these 10 self-reflection questions for the new year.   

10 Self Reflection Questions For The New Year


 1. What accomplishments am I proud of this year?  

We often overlook our achievements when we’re faced with a few negative consequences but before the year ends, remind yourself that you accomplished so many things to be proud of. If it’s hard for you to recall, try thinking back to each season of the year and what did you achieve during it. Go with your first instinct rather than attempting to find the right answer.  

2. What was one of the biggest, most pleasant surprises I experienced?  

Did you pick up a skill you were unsure you’d be able to master? Or did you overcome your fear of public speaking by speaking up at a conference? Whatever it was, it made you feel that you rose above one of your setbacks and that should be celebrated.   

3. What are the five things I’m most grateful for this year?  

As ancient Roman philosopher aptly Cicero said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others,” A daily practice of gratitude serves to acquire calm and contentment amidst the constant chaos of life. Truth is, we forget to count our blessings but that’s okay, it’s completely normal. If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re safe. You have a roof over your head. You’re warm. You are breathing. Can you deeply think of five more reasons to be grateful for?  


4. How did I grow in this past year?  

As humans, we must continually learn, evolve, and grow. By the end of the year, we need to be better versions of ourselves in some way, compared to the year before. This doesn’t need to be a significant change; maybe you grew smarter, more skilled, you overcame some of your fears and you’re better because of that. Remaining in a stagnant space stunts our growth. Seek personal and professional magnification.  

5. What were the biggest struggles I faced this year? What did they teach me?  

Our struggles shape us into the individuals we become. They may scare us, but they teach us the most powerful lessons life has to offer. We realize what matters to us, who we are, and how we respond to challenges and misfortunes. It’s our struggles that forge our character, don’t forget to remember them before you step into the new year.  

6. Who will I connect with more in the year ahead?  

What makes life so special? It’s the people. We all need people who support and love us. But sometimes, the busyness of our lives makes it difficult to nurture meaningful relationships. In the new year, consider who you need to reconnect with or start new relationships with. Will this be for inspiration, career well-being, creativity, or love? How about your connection with yourself? Reflect and get to know your needs to fulfil them better. 

7. What kind of a leader, peer, friend, or partner do I want to be?  

We wear several hats in our lives, at work and at home. Think about how you wish to show up for each of them. Where can you be better? Where can you invest yourself more? Be specific and create intentions that you will follow through with. Set goals for each of these roles and learn how you can work on yourself.  

8. Where was I five years ago and where am I now?  

Five years ago, you were in a different space, you were a different person. You were probably a student, a bachelor, a young one finding his/her path in life. Today, you are starting a new journey, however small it may be. You are kind, you are more human, you are wiser, and working on bettering yourself. Reflecting on how far you’ve come and what all you have accomplished will help you understand how much you’ve grown as a human being, the obstacles you’ve crossed, the mountains you’ve scaled, and the risks you took that paid off.  

9. What are three things I want to achieve this coming year? How can I build a system that allows me to achieve them?  


Now is the time to connect with a few goals you want to achieve this coming year. These three goals will serve as your top three priorities so that your vision is set. Once you’ve outlined your goals, it’s time to set a system that works for you. Goals alone don’t mean anything unless you work to create a path towards them. Having a system of set tools, routines and rituals designed to help you accomplish your goals will bring the consistency and dedication you require. Celebrating the small wins is the secret to building a great system.  

10. What’s one thought I’m currently holding on to that’s not serving my well-being? Why am I holding onto it and what empowering affirmations can I replace it with?  

We are unable to move forward when our past baggage weighs us down. Reflecting on what isn’t serving you anymore helps you identify self-sabotaging patterns and then let them go, creating room for what positively drives us forward. Replace negative beliefs with empowering affirmations. Dr. John Arden explains this in his book Rewire Your Brain, “You can train yourself to change the way you think. By considering possibilities instead of limitations on a regular basis, you’ll rewire your brain.”  

A few affirmations you can utilize every day for personal growth are:  

  1. I embrace the possibilities and potential of this day.  
  1. I have abundance and inner strength.  
  1. I accept myself for who I am.  
  1. I trust my intuition to guide me. 
  1. Challenges bring me opportunities to grow.  
  1. I deserve the best and accept it now.  
  1. I am ready to see things from a new perspective.  
  1. I live in harmony with myself and others.  

As you continue to show up and honour your commitment toward your progress, don’t forget to reward yourself throughout the process. Yes, it means fantastic that you’re focused on having success this year but don’t forget to show gratitude and appreciation towards yourself and what you’ve already achieved too.  

To start your year on a positive note, listen to this soothing Mini Break.

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