5 Feel-Good Ways To Spend A Relaxing Night In

5 Feel-Good Ways To Spend A Relaxing Night In

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After a long day of Zoom calls and virtual meets, most of us just like to slip on our favourite lounge pants, find the comfiest spot on the couch and binge-watch an episode or eight of trashy reality TV or Netflix’s latest offering.

Yes, the idea of simply vegetating after a long day of work sounds heavenly but what about the aspirations you had for the end of your workday? The sweet glass of wine, the hour-long bath, the relaxing face massage?

We’ve all fallen in the streaming hole where our definition of unwinding includes sweatpants and a screen close by. And to break this procrastinating cycle, we’ve rounded up 5 feel-good ways you can make the most of your night that doesn’t involve Netflix at all.

Get your perfect evening ready

If this wasn’t the first thing you were thinking of doing then think again. We dream about our ideal evening so why not build it and try it out? Think what you’d do with your day after 5PM, including the resposibilities you need to tackle on priority and make a list of activities you’d like to indulge in. It could be as simple as a face mask, or trying out a new recipe, or even just ending your night on a mellow note. Get all the things you’d need for your perfect evening and give yourself something to look forward to.

Switch off from social media

We’re switched on for the most part of the day and that makes it’s absolutely necessary to switch off as well. While people practice mindfulness in different ways, just stepping away from the noise of notifications can help you get into a calmer headspace that can in turn let you explore other activities you’d avoid if your mind was preoccupied.

Another reason why you need to switch off at night is to seek better sleep. The blue light of screens can disrupt the brain’s natural sleep or wake cycle and the addictiveness of social media can be hard to escape.

Crack open a cosy feel-good book

So often we remind ourselves to indulge in reading more but end up letting ourselves get distracted with our busy schedules. And while reading may feel like more brain work that mindlessly consuming Netflix, cosying up with a great book will surely have your mind and soul thanking you. You can make it into a whole affair by slipping into your comfiest pyjamas, making yourself a delicious cup of cocoa and finding yourself the perfect spot to pull an all-nighter.

Start an evening workout plan

Yes, you read that correct. But well, you’ve got time and a screen and now there are a number of apps that can help you find the ideal workout plan for you. So why not try them out? But don’t treat it as a chore to complete, think of it as an activity that’ll help you not just get a good night’s sleep but also become a thing that brings you joy.

Host wine night with friends

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s being social in various ways. And the best thing to come out of the year was the rise of virtual video calls and how easy it was to connect to our friends yet we hesitated in the past. Plan a sweet at-home wine night with your friends or a virtual one but the conversations and laughter will seem just as real.

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