How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

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Lately, a number of articles we read, talk about the cons of social media, a.k.a. the 21st Century Curse. But we all know that it is here to stay. My honest question to you all is, it is really a necessary evil? Let us make a common stand here and agree, that social media does have some pros. We do not need to completely detach ourselves from our smartphones to save our mental health. So how do we find a balance and use social media for the good?

Do a quick mental check-in before logging on
Don’t become a slave to the number game | Image: File Image

Before logging on to your preferred social media platform, always ask yourself why you are doing it? Are you doing it to check the number of likes you got or to run away from reality? If you are using social media to escape from real life, then stop and refrain from doing so. Instead, call a friend, or engage in some other activity.

Set time limits

Too much use of social media has negative effects. So to use it without any side effects, set a time limit for yourself. If need be, put an alarm to remind yourself. Keep a new activity ready for when that alarm goes off. This will refrain you from scrolling through social media ‘just because’.

Use social media to inspire and appreciate
Use social media to connect not to disconnect | Image: File Image

Instead of using social media as a means to satisfy your narcissistic needs, use social media as a reflection of your value system, like integrity, adventure, learning, spirituality, and community. Use social media to appreciate things and people around you, especially when things are going well in life.

Follow the 10:1 ratio for daily social media use

Follow the 10:1 ratio for IRL activities to social media activities. For every 10 real-life activities (like walking, having coffee at a café, attending a lunch meeting, etc.) do one activity on social media. It should be like the sprinkle on your cake rather than the main ingredient. There is no substitution for real-life interaction.

Take scheduled device breaks
Say your goodbyes | Image: File Image

A least once a week, one must take a break from their devices, be it your phones, laptops or computers. This break should be at least for 12-24 hours. This will boost your focus and make you feel more connected to people and the world around you. 

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