5 Habits Of Highly Happy People

5 Habits Of Highly Happy People

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What makes happy people….well, happy? A life full of monies, verdant lifestyle, stress-free relationships, luxurious vacations? Or, simply, a happy heart. A heart that is full of joy, excitement, gratitude, a sense of wonder, contentment, et al. These are the very virtues that render you infected with perennial happiness, independent of external circumstances.

And here are the habits of highly happy people that, when practiced mindfully and diligently, can place you in the same league too.

Practice gratitude and forgiveness

Love will certainly do it’s work | Image: File Image

Forgiveness cracks open a tightly shut heart while gratitude fortifies it. Devise ways to say your thanks to the universe daily, like maintaining a gratitude jar or journal. To pep things up, you can create your own little ritual where every morning, you send words of gratitude for everything that is going great in your life. Similarly, every night before going to bed, you can spend some time in seeking forgiveness from all the people you may have hurt knowingly or unknowingly, and vice-versa.

Have a flexible routine

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You don’t need to do everything by the clock but a little structure to your day keeps it from frittering away. When we follow a flexible routine, we become more productive, utilise our time to do things we enjoy, instead of whiling away our free time in mindless activities. When we indulge ourselves in things that give us joy, we create a bank of happy memories that keep us charged up for the next moment.

Be a part of something you believe

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When your life is driven by a purpose, it shines with the joy of contentment. Being a part of a group or community and chipping your time, effort and resources in something that you truly believe in gives you a hearty boost, revving up your confidence. This sense of purpose, however big or small, makes you carry on despite the vagaries of life.

Reconnect with nature

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Nature has the remedy to all the ailments in this world, apart from man’s greed. We are born out of nature and we go back to it at the end of our life; this is our relationship with nature. And we do ourselves a great disservice by severing our bond with it by living in an artificially created synthetic, sanitized world. Appreciating nature isn’t about decorative plants and manicured lawns. It is about walking barefoot on grass to get grounded with our roots; it is about soaking in the fortifying rays of the sun; it is about caressing the leaves and flowers and hugging the trees.

Embrace your inner child

Love yourself and life will love you back | Image: File Image

Let your inner child be free. Let it come to the surface. Embracing our childlike sense of wonder to the things around us keeps our excitement ignited. There is never a dull moment when you are wrapped up with a sense of wonder. This sense of wonder helps us see something new even amidst the drabness of our monotonous routine. It keeps you away from falling into the trap of boredom and despair.


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