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Hunger is a global problem. Everyone needs to be conscious about addressing and finding solutions to eradicate hunger.


The Duwara Consciousness Foundation is an initiative started by San Diego couple, Davinder Sing and Harsimran Kaur Khalsa. The foundation aims to feed the hungry, regardless of nationality, faith or personal circumstances. They began feeding people in the rough Oceanside neighbourhood of Joe Balderrama Park, California. A few months into their initiative, they received a notice asking them to get a special permit to continue their service. The duo decided to get a food trailer to help more people. Other initiatives helping eradicate hunger include, So Others Might Eat requests people to forego a meal and donate it to the needy. Action for Hunger helps fight hunger through prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition while exhorting the world to deal with hunger in a better way.

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Individuals can take steps to prevent food wastage.

1. Eat as much as you require without overloading your plate.

2. Don’t make more food than necessary.

3. Plan in a way to ensure you do not buy extra food that will go bad and needs to be thrown away eventually.

Avoid wasting food by limiting intake and keeping greed at bay. During festive seasons, wastage increases since we prepare food in bulk, which leads to leftovers. Donate the extra food to initiatives such as RotiBank. The food bank collects leftover food from restaurants, weddings and events, redistributing it to the needy.

These simple but effective ways will avoid food wastage. Eliminating hunger is vital for progress because the mind remains alert and productive only when the stomach is satisfied.


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