5 Practical Ways To Turn Into A Vegetarian

5 Practical Ways To Turn Into A Vegetarian

Turning vegetarian might sound difficult for some, however, when done right, it helps evade a lot of health problems.
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The internet is filled with articles after articles asking people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle for its benefits. Are these claims really true? Indeed, yes! Research suggests that a vegetarian diet can reduce the chances of heart diseases by 40 percent, as well as the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers.

But, for a person who has grown up eating non-veg, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle might not be as easy. Nonetheless, if you are determined, and looking for real and applicable tips, then you are at the right place. We’ll help you make this shift.

Start slowly

One mistake a lot of people do is dive directly into vegetarianism and cut off all meat in one go. However, it is best to start slow; you are not in a race. Jumping into it will likely develop the feelings of discouragement. A good idea is to start eliminating non-vegetarian food one day per week from your diet. Or you can choose with one vegetarian meal a day, say breakfast. Take it slow, enjoy the process.

Give mock meat a try

Mock meat, also known as meat analogue, faux meat or vegan meat, is a cruelty-free substitute to the regular meat. They look like meat, cook like meat, and taste like meat, but the twist? There is no actual animal-killing here. Mock meat is usually made from soy protein, wheat gluten, or jackfruit. They also offer more nutritive value, fiber, and are lower in fat content. Which makes it not just a tasty but also a healthy alternative to the usual meat.

Best places to try mock meat: Veggie Champ, Good Dot, Vegeta Gold, Vezlay, Vegitein, Nutrela Chunks.

Know where you’ll get your proteins from

Once the meat is out of the picture, the next step is to know how you are going to bridge the protein gap. You cannot eat a ton of tofu or a lot of quinoa and call it a day. A mix of vegetarian foods is sure to provide you with the necessary amount of protein. Take a look.

Get creative with food

Starting a vegetarian lifestyle does not have to be boring or stressful. It should be a personal and pressure-free decision, and only then you can be open to this shift. Trying out new vegetarian restaurants, hosting a vegetarian dinner party or experimenting with vegetarian recipes, are some great ways to start your journey. Have some fun, get creative with food!

Lastly, be mindful while eating

You might feel hungry after having a meatless meal, which might make you overeat. Beans and lentils are excellent sources of protein and can help you round out any meal while also making you feel full. Plan a balanced meal with adding enough protein, fiber, and other rich plant-based foods into your diet, to feel just as full and satisfied.

Turning a vegetarian requires some planning and work. Don’t be too hard on yourself, remember changes are difficult and they take time. The beginning might seem daunting and tiresome, but hang in there, you’ll be glad you made this shift.

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