50 Compliments That Have Nothing To Do With Appearance

50 Compliments That Have Nothing To Do With Appearance

Here are a few compliments that don’t talk about your appearance. Use them!
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1. I love how your face lights up when you talk about “x”. 
2. Your passion always amazes me. 
3. You inspire me to be a better person. 
4. I appreciate you. 
5. Your smile makes me smile. 
6. I admire your confidence. 
7. The way you carry yourself is admirable. 
8. Your opinion on “x” opened up my eyes to see other perspectives. 
9. Thank you for being trustworthy. 
10. I am proud of you. 
11. I love your fierce heart. 
12. You are so resilient. 
13. You bring out the best in me. 
14. You’re a good listener. 
15. You set such a good example. 
16. You have wonderful sense of humor. 
17. Thank you for being you. 
18. I love your outlook on life. 
19. I appreciate your friendship. 
20. You’re a work of art. 
21. You glow. 
22. I love your authenticity. 
23. I tell my other friends how amazing you are. 
24. You helped me see my worth. 
25. You are enough. 
26. You’re a great story-teller. 
27. You are brave. 
28. You make me feel welcome. 
29. You’re so kind. 
30. Your perspective is refreshing. 
31. You deserve good things. 
32. I am proud of your progress. 
33. You can always make me laugh. 
34. You bring so much joy to my life. 
35. You’re a gift to this world. 
36. I love your spontaneity. 
37. Your happiness is contagious. 
38. What you feel matters. 
39. I’m lucky to know you. 
40. I love you just the way you are. 
41. The world needs more people like you. 
42. You’re so talented at “x”. 
43. You’re so down to earth. 
44. You always make my day. 
45. You’re such a great friend. 
46. You’re so dependable. 
47. You make me feel less alone. 
48. You are unique. 
49. You’re wise beyond your years. 
50. You are worthy. 

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