Add Looking For The Fantastic Beasts To Your Bucket List

Add Looking For The Fantastic Beasts To Your Bucket List

It’s time to explore the legends that you’ve grown up listening to! Exploring the world with this fantastic beast’s map is on our bucket list! Here’s why.
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We’ve all grown up listening to the enchanting tales about fierce sea monsters, unmatched wise birds, dragons, unicorns, and magical serpents. The mystical tales that are ancestors have spun over centuries do not fail to enchant us even today. Books and movies such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just reignite the thrill of anticipation of these magical creatures true existence.  

History is Riddled with Mystical Creatures 

All the cultures in the world have age-old legends and myths that are riddled with mystical tales of intriguing creatures that spark awe and even fear. I am pretty sure, that in all of us there is this wide-eyed kid somewhere who is still hoping to stumble across this hidden magic. Who wouldn’t want to have a conversation with a wise old sphinx or believe that there is a majestic fire breathing dragon or a many-headed serpent guarding all of us.  

How About Adding Looking For These Fantastic Beasts In Your Bucket List? 

For all those who are intrigued and have been praying for a guide to help you discover these fantastic beasts, your wishes have come true! A budgeting and personal finance company SavingSpot managed by CashNetUSA have released an illustrated map created by artist Laimute Varkalaite marking each of the creature on the map where they are most popular based on the search results from Google.  


The research shows that many countries share the same type of mythical creatures. The dragons are shared by England and China. The company distinguished the creature by looking at all the myths and legends passed down through the ages. For example, the dragons in England have wings and have a lizard-like appearance, whereas in China they are portrayed without wings and are more snake-like.  

The Legends and Myths of Fantastic Beasts 

Every country and culture has its own plethora of mystical tales describing many mystical creatures. But a few of them are very famous. In North America the Sasquatch aka Bigfoot is the most famous cryptid and has illuded discovery for over two centuries. The dragon is the most famous cryptid of England and the Welsh dragon even appears on the countries national flag. It was discovered in the 5th century at Dinas Emrys Hills at an underground lake. Paraguay boasts of Teju Jagua, a lizard with seven dog heads, it’s said to be the offspring of an evil spirit and a cursed woman.  

Jinn, more commonly known as genies are mythic creatures that occupy inanimate objects and take on a human or animal form when released and are said to create magic and mischief with their magic. The most famous belief is that they grant wishes that deliver unsought results. Jinns are very common in the tales of Iran, Iraq, Jordan and other Middle East countries.  

Shesha is the most legendary creature in India. Also known as Adishesha is known as the King of Snakes and is a primal being of creation. It is said to be holding the planets in the universe on its hoods and sing the glory of Lord Vishnu who is often depicted as reclining on Sheshanaga.   

Some of these creatures which surely seem to be imaginative results of myths and legends, some might actually be misidentified or as yet unidentified animals.  

But it will be fun to go looking for these mystical creatures, won’t it? Who knows what you might come across during your travels.  

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