This Zoo In USA Needs Your Help Naming The Panda Cub!

This Zoo In USA Needs Your Help Naming The Panda Cub!

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On the 21st of August 2020, Mother Panda Mei Xiang gave birth to this cub which excels at napping and cuddling. There’s is also a Giant Panda Cam so you can see him and his parents in action.  

The Chinese Partners and the Zoo came up with four names and will do whatever it takes to conserve the beloved and endangered bear.  

Here are four names that you can choose from:- 

  1. Fu Zai: Mandarin for “prosperous boy” 
  2. Xiao Qi Ji: Mandarin for “Little miracle”  
  3. Xing Fu: Mandarin for “happy and prosperous”  
  4. Zai Zai: Mandarin nickname for a boy 

Head over to the link here to vote for your favorite name! 

The name that receives the most votes will be chosen and bestowed on the cub Nov. 23, so keep an eye for that. 

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