Things You Should Bring Back From Your Kerala Trip

Things You Should Bring Back From Your Kerala Trip

‘God’s Own Country’ has a lot of unique souvenirs, know what to buy and from where.
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Along with being one of the most scenic places, Kerala is also an amazing shopping destination. Here is a little list of things that you must buy when in Kerala. 

Tea and Coffee

Tea plantations in Kerala | Image: File Image

This one is obvious. Tea and coffee from Kerala is exported world-wide, the Nilgiri tea, Kerala Kapi and Monsooned Malabar Coffee are the finest of their kind and a must-buy!

Where to buy: Kerala Spices or Kerala Shopy in Kochi.

Banana Chips and Cashew Nuts

Known as Nenthra-kaya Upperi in Kerala, the banana chips are fried in coconut oil, which gives it a very interesting and unique flavour. Cashew nuts are available here in quality and price. You can also visit a cashew nut farm for experience.

Where to buy: Kumari Banana Chips or Maha Chips, and Thwayyiba Cashews in Trivandrum.


Colourful aromatic Indian spices | Image: File Image

Nothing beats the quality and variety of spices that one can avail in Kerala. The extensive plantation in Kerala produces the finest quality of black pepper, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, and star anise. The richness and the aroma of the spices is exceptional.

Where to buy: Spice Market or Green Field Spices & Herbal Garden in Munnar.

Aroma Oils

This lush green state boasts of the best practices of Ayurveda science, and healing spa therapies, beauty treatments, and rejuvenating massages are very popular in Kerala. And hence, here you will find a wide range of essential oils needed.

P.S. They make for a good gift.

Where to buy: J J Aromatics & Essential Oils and Ashwas Natural Extraction Oils in Kochi.


Coconut and coir products

Kerala is a land of coconut. You can pick exquisite rugs, carpets, mats, and little showpieces made from coconut husk.

Where to buy: Choir Board Showroom or Pulickattil – The Handcraft Shop in Trivandrum.

Kathakali masks

This should definitely be there in your shopping bag. Be it a fridge-magnet or a wall hanging, it is one the most alluring souvenirs to buy from Kerala.

Where to buy: The Arte House or Kairali Arts and Handicrafts in Thrissur.

Where to buy:


A Nettipattam hanging | Image: File Image

These are well-decorated elephants that one can see during festivals or ceremonies in Kerala, and Nettipattam is the ornament which is used. It makes for a good wall hanging or home décor piece.

Where to buy: Indiamart or Kairali Arts and Handicrafts in Thrissur.

Nettur Casket, Chundan Vallam and Uru Models

You’ll find one of the most fascinating wooden chests in Kerala. Chundan Vallam or Urus are their globally popular boats, and you can get yourself a miniature version of these for gifting or decorating your own space.

Where to buy: Pulickattil – The Handcraft Shop or Surabhi Kerala State Handicrafts in Trivandrum.

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