9 Things Nobody Tells You When You’re Moving Cities

9 Things Nobody Tells You When You’re Moving Cities

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Moving cities has always been a task for me. You leave behind familiar surroundings, friends and a lot of memories too. If you too are about to bid-adieu to your city for work or studies, here is everything you need to know.

You’ll get comfortable with being uncomfortable
Smile and go on | Image: File Image

Moving to a new city is very tedious, both physically and emotionally. It goes without saying that one does get out of one bubble and into another. Moving out of your comfort zone means you’re progressing in life. Adapt. Overcome. Improvise. Life is all about moving. The sooner one learns the better it is. And within no time you will be comfortable in these previously unknown surroundings.

The nearest grocer will be right around the corner

Relax. You don’t need to get worked up. You have just moved to this new city. Get some fresh air and go for a walk, and I bet you’ll find the nearest grocer a stone’s throw away.

Don’t expect the deposit for your apartment to be cheap

Heads up! It’s always better to be prepared when you are moving to a new city. Especially metropolitan cities, so make sure to keep some money aside for that bachelor’s pad you have eyes set on.

Making friends will get easier
A new place gives you the gift of new friends | Image: File Image

“The older the wine, the better it tastes”. Same goes for relationships. Just keep a nice smile on your face and an open outlook towards this new adventure you’re on. Greeting people, you see often can also act as a great icebreaker. 

Home is where the heart is

Your apartment or your place of residence is obviously somewhere you’ll spend a lot of time. Invest time in setting the place up. Get plants that you can keep indoors, and fill your space with things that you like. Photographs of your friends, family, vacations you have taken together. Grab that favourite blanket you liked as a kid and get it to your new place.

Its okay to get lost, with a charged phone of course

There’s no better way to explore a city than walking. It is only when you are walking do you see and experience things better. Vehicles are a great option to get from point A to point B, but in order to know your surroundings properly you must walk around your place. Who knows you might find things you have been looking for?

Give time to acclimatise

Often weather plays a huge role in settling within a city. Cold and overcast climatic conditions have known to be the worst and make it even more difficult in settling down. Give it some time in new climatic conditions as your mood is bound to be affected by it.  

Know about public transportation beforehand
Start travelling like a local | Image: File Image

Public transportation is the best bet for your initial travels in a new city. Use the internet to find information about how accessible public transportation is around your new residence and the frequency of the same. The more informed you are the easier it’s going to get for you.

It’s going to be fine

Will quote Bojack Horseman here, “It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier.” Often you will be frustrated since you’re out of your comfort zone. You’re out getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. You’ll burn your food, but you’ll learn to cook eventually. You’ll lose a shirt or two, but you’ll learn to iron it too. Give it time, and don’t forget to breathe.

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