How To: Attain Peace If You Are Not Into Meditation?

How To: Attain Peace If You Are Not Into Meditation?

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The definition of peace is different for all of us. And saying that meditation is the only way to achieve it, is false. But does that mean, that you do not benefit in the same way you would through meditation? No! The good news is that there are other techniques that can provide mindfulness and serenity, even in the absence of meditation. 

Walk It Out

Walking is extremely meditative and is regarded as one of the best exercises for one’s physical, emotional, and general well-being. The tempo of your steps, the rhythmic movement of your steps and breathing is very soothing and reflective. Pay attention to your surroundings and enjoy nature.

Sit and Watch the Grass Grow
Recharge yourself | Image: File Image

This is one of my personal favourites. Sitting quietly, absolutely alone with just your thoughts to keep you company. This gives you time to introspect and just simply exist. All you need to do is sit and listen to the wind rustle in the leaves, watch birds and squirrels go about their business, or simply watch the grass grow. 

Live Phone-Free

One of the biggest banes of modernization is cell-phones. They have disconnected us from nature. The dependency has grown so much, that we cannot even imagine our lives without our phones. In order to feel at peace and be at one with yourself, you need to stay away from your smart-phone. Try it for at least a week, and you will see a significant positive change in your well-being.

Listen To Music
Music becomes your therapy | Image: File Image

Music, as people say, is extremely therapeutic. It helps in reducing anxiety and improves blood vessel functioning. Music can boost your heart rate for a workout and also decrease it to a meditative state.

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