Adhyaya Chakra Can Help You Gain Command Of Your Thoughts

Adhyaya Chakra Can Help You Gain Command Of Your Thoughts

Awakening the Adhyaya chakra can help you become more focused. But how can you awaken and balance this chakra? Know in this article.
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Adhyaya chakra brings perseverance and concentration in thoughts. Out of the seven chakras of the body, the Adhyaya chakra is the sixth basic chakra, so it helps you to achieve and accomplish. You connect to the divine and awaken all your inner powers are by awakening this chakra.   

Adhyaya chakra  

Adhyaya means order. This chakra is located between the two eyebrows near the brain, so it has a deep connection with your intellectual knowledge. It is also called the third eye. The colour purple represents this chakra. It also increases the power of imagination and foreshadowing. By awakening all the powers inside you, it ends all the demerits. This chakra accepts only the existence of the soul and the divine at the level of consciousness. You feel stable and mentally at peace when this chakra is balanced.  

Herbs to balance the Adhyaya chakra   

When a person’s Adhyaya chakra is active and balanced, you become intellectually accomplished and gain innate understanding and inner knowledge. When this chakra is imbalanced you become confused, and rash and you may have headache, insomnia and anxiety. You can use the Passionflower to help you balance the Adhyaya chakra. This herb connects you to your conscience by reducing the symptoms of insomnia, depression and anxiety. Burn sandalwood to relieve stress which inspires peace and clarity.  

Resolve to awaken the command cycle  

– I trust my intuition.  

– I feel connected to my spiritual truth.  

– My thoughts are calm.  

– I take guidance from my inner wisdom.  

– I trust my decision.  

– Calming my mind is easy.  

Ways to awaken the Adhyaya chakra  
Burn incense and essential oil  

Burn essential oil, candle or chamomile, nutmeg and sandalwood incense to awaken the Adhyaya chakra.  


Mindful breathing help you relieve stress and therefore awakening the Adhyaya chakra. This chakra can be awakened by some special asanas such as Badhbha Veerabhadrasana, Shalabhasana, Ustrasana, Balasana, Dolphin pose etc.  

Awaken this chakra through meditation  

You can reconnect with your conscience through meditation. It steadies the continuous flow of thoughts. To awaken the Adhyaya chakra, you can practice mindful bridging during meditation. If you wish, you can also follow the process of deep breathing while sitting in lotus posture or lying down in Shavasana.  

Follow these tips to awaken your third eye chakra. 

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