Best Home Remedies That Can Reverse Kidney Damage

Best Home Remedies That Can Reverse Kidney Damage

Ayurveda offers some effective ways to overcome kidney failure.
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Kidney failure is when the kidney becomes incapable to purify the blood and take out toxins from the body. Although it is a grave grieve illness, Ayurvedic remedies can help strengthen the kidney and boost its proper functioning. But what are the reasons for kidney failure? Here are some…

Acute dehydration

Liver malfunction

Heart diseases


Improper blood flow in the body

Blood loss from the body

What herbs can help cure kidney failure?


It has good anti-inflammatory properties and is considered good for treating kidney failure. Daily consumption of this herb revitalises the whole body.


Varun is so powerful that it cures kidney failure from the roots. It strengthens the urinary tract and prostate function.


Kaasni helps not only in kidney failure but other kinds of kidney disorders as well. It is also useful for curing respiratory disorders.


Gokshur improves the overall immunity power of the body. It solves all kinds of urinary problems related to kidney failure remarkably. 


It is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for kidney health. It improves liver function, which is one of the causes of kidney failure.

Let’s take a look at some remedies…

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Keep yourself hydrated. In the initial stages, it really helps slow down further kidney damage. However, in the end stage, try to limit it to avoid burdening the kidneys.

Avoid eating non-vegetarian food. The high amount of animal protein increases the formation of kidney stones and puts unnecessary pressure on the rest of the organs. People who have a vegetarian diet are less prone to kidney-related problems.

Double thumbs up for a boiled food diet. That’s the easiest for the body to digest and puts the least amount of strain on the kidney.

Nettle tea is considered the best for kidney patients. It is made out of made from coriander, thyme, and fennel seeds. Simply add them to boiling water, strain and sip.

Nettle tea | Image: File Image

Foods such as ash gourd, radish, bell peppers, apples, papaya, pears, cauliflower, are good for the kidney. Also, use olive oil in cooking.

Limit the intake of dairy products, protein and potassium-rich foods and fruits, mushrooms, potatoes, spinach, apricots, dried beans, etc.

Sip on coconut water and aloe vera juice to detoxify the body.

Along with this, regulate your sleeping patterns, do some light exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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