Does The Water You Drink Expire? How You Can Find Out

Does The Water You Drink Expire? How You Can Find Out

Some say yes, some say no. What is the truth? Here, we answer it for you.
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Is water a perishable commodity? Or has a long-lasting life just like honey? Continue reading to uncover the fact.

Does tap water expire?

Tap water can be stored and consumed for up to 6 months. With little to no risk of any side effects, as long as it is stored properly.

Then why does it taste stale over time?

This is not an indication of water expiring or going bad, but a result of carbon dioxide in the air mixing with the water and making it slightly acidic. Though it might have developed an off taste, it is safe to be consumed.

On the other hand, tap water, which is carbonated will become flat, as the gas slowly escapes from the liquid.

What about bottled water?

Packed mineral water bottles
Packed mineral water bottles | Image: File Image

Now that it’s clear that water does not technically expire, then why do bottled water have an expiry date?

This is because the plastic begins to leach into the water over time, which contaminates it and potentially damages your brain. So, essentially, the expiry date is for the bottle and not the water.

Thus, it is not advisable to consume bottled water that’s way beyond its expiry date. Also, make sure that you store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight to eliminate negative side effects.

We hope we solved this riddle for you!

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