Wearing Socks To Bed Results In Better Sleep? Find Out! 

Wearing Socks To Bed Results In Better Sleep? Find Out! 

Should you consider wearing socks to bed or not? Let’s find out how you can best optimise your sleep and improve your routine.
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Let’s paint you a picture: it’s the middle of the night, the fan is at its highest speed and you’re struggling to fall asleep because the cold keeps seeping into your body. Your feet are cold, your body feels like ice and you make the decision to put socks on before climbing back into bed. What if we told you that this small act of wearing socks to bed can vastly improve your sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster?  

What Happens When You Go To Bed Wearing Socks? 

Image |  Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Research shows that warming cold feet can adjust your body’s core temperature and improve your sleep quality significantly. The best way to go about regulating your body temperature is by putting socks on at night. When your feet are cold, they constrict the blood vessels and cause lower blood circulation across the body. In comparison, warm feet give your brain the signal that it’s time for bedtime, helping you fall asleep faster.  

Why Should You Be Wearing Socks To Bed?  

Cold feet are uncomfortable. Other than keeping your feet and your body warm, wearing socks at night has several other benefits.  

1. Prevent Hot Flushes 

For women who are undergoing menopause, getting restful sleep can be difficult. Hot flushes are very common during hormonal changes and can be prevented by wearing socks to bed. Keeping your feet warm with socks can begin vasodilation where blood vessels dilate and allow your body to cool down faster.  

2. Improve Circulation  

As we mentioned above, socks help regular blood circulation in the body by increasing blood flow to the feet. Good circulation not only balances body temperature but ensures healthy blood and oxygen is flowing through your body through the night, allowing your muscles, lungs, and heart to work optimally. 

3. Prevent Raynaud’s Attack  

Image | Livi Po on Unsplash

Raynaud’s disease is a medical condition where your body responds to cold weather and starts going numb. This typically affects the fingers and toes. While this condition is not very severe, it is still recommended that you work towards preventing it. Socks can help you keep your body temperature in check and not fall prey to Raynaud’s attack. 

4. Improve Cracked Heels  

Anything works best overnight and if you suffer from cracked heels, socks are your best bet for moisturised skin. Pull on cotton socks after you’ve pampered your feet with moisturiser and it’ll prevent them from drying out during the night.  

What Are The Best Socks To Wear To Bed?  

Image | Johnstons of Elgin on Unsplash

Now that we’ve concluded that socks are a great accessory to wear to bed, you need to make sure that you’re wearing the right kind. The wrong kind of socks can also prevent circulation, decrease hygiene or overheat your body. Make sure that the ones you’re wearing are made of natural fibers such as merino wool or cashmere. Cotton socks or socks designed specifically for bed are also a good option.  

Warming your feet up before going to bed can shorten your routine of trying to fall asleep. A few things you can do to improve circulation are to massage your feet before bed and warm your socks by sitting on them or using a hair dryer before putting them on. But make sure the socks you’re wearing are not too tight and consult a doctor if you face any circulatory problems that lead to pain or cold feet. Sleep is vital for a person’s overall health so do everything you can to optimise it.  

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