3 Benefits Of Copper Water You Can’t Ignore!

3 Benefits Of Copper Water You Can’t Ignore!

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Curiosity takes us to some popular e-commerce portal. They have a selection of Copper Water bottles, very shiny and chaste. We are assured that very good sales of such life-giving products must be happening. We remember our humble village homes of some decades back. The quiet environs near the kitchen used to have the copper pots with a small copper ladle to take out the water and drink it in small tumblers. We did not know then, how good it was for health, drinking water in a copper vessel in the morning. The slightly off tasting water. The very metallic after taste. The insistence of elders to have a large glass full early morning on an empty stomach, all of it comes back.

3 best reasons for you to start with the Copper vessels

Reason# 1: Drinking water in a Copper vessel in the morning slows down aging.

Copper water gives a boost to skin health and melanin production. As a result, the skin glows through the heat and dust of the day. This is a guaranteed effect and those villages have men and women who look different well into late middle age even after the hurly-burly of their village life.

Reason # 2: Aids digestion.

Known to kill the bad bacteria as well as reducing inflammation, copper infused water can be good for stomach related problems like gas, ulcers, and infections, apart from keeping the digestion healthy. It also helps in stimulating the contraction-relaxation of the stomach that promotes digestion.

drinking water in a copper vessel in the morning
Benefit your health by drinking copper water | Image: File Image
Reason # 3: It is now confirmed that it assists weight loss.

The water with the copper elements within breaks down the food and so there is no piling on of fat in the inner walls that actually lead to obesity. The metal works within as a scavenger.

Apart from this, copper is also crucial for proper thyroid function and can also aid in regulating the heart beats and blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels.

The three-times-daily rule of drinking water in a copper vessel in the morning or afternoon works very well. For all ages, if we should say so!

But like all good things, please do not overdo the process. We should know that excess of anything makes the situation polarly opposite to what was intended in the first place. It is told here that three times is the way to go. Do not make it five or six or ten in a hurry to regain health. The excessive metal may react differently. Finally, it is the metal that leaches into the still water and adds to the health benefits of water. Overdoing it may cause reactions that will require medical attention. So, just follow the three-glass rule!


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