What Is Sustainable Cooking And Why Opt For It?

What Is Sustainable Cooking And Why Opt For It?

Here are some small changes that you can incorporate to make a shift towards sustainable cooking.
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We’ve talked about sustainable clothing, skincare, and homes, but one thing that is as essential is sustainable cooking. It is all about the food choices we make and how it affects the health of the environment. It is estimated that over 7.4 million tonnes of food goes to landfill each year. So, it is about time that we do something and fix this. How? By cooking intelligently.

Reduce The Liquid

Don’t fill up your pans with water. The more quantity of water you add while cooking, the more gas will be used to dry it up. Be a miser when it comes to adding water and always measure out how much will be needed. Start with a small quantity; you can always add as and when required.

Become Appliance Smart

Choose the right vessel to cook | Image: File Image

Cooking on high heat or pre-heating the oven is really not required. Cover the pans while cooking to prevent heat loss and turn the flame off a bit early to let the residual heat finish the dish for you. Also, pick the right balance between choosing an oven, a toaster oven, and a microwave. Smaller appliances are always a better choice. Opting for a toaster oven instead of an oven means that you will be using less energy to cook the same meal.

Choose Sustainable Food

Buy local, eat local. We cannot stress enough about the benefits of opting for hyperlocal foods. They are fresher, more nutritious and also they lower the emission of greenhouse gasses since they haven’t travelled miles to reach you.

Go Green!

Scrumptious vegetarian food | Image: File Image

It reduces health risks and saves lives. You feed your body more of fruits, vegetables, grains, and pulses, which are proven to be healthier than a non-veg diet. If you are finding this step difficult, start slow by going vegetarian once a week. Then, after you get comfortable, you can choose to increase the number of days. Trust us, your body will thank you for the shift.

Invest In Quality Cookware

The quality and material of your cookware play a good role in saving energy. A warped pan will waste approximately 50 percent of heat, while a flat pan utilises almost all energy. Likewise, cookware made from good quality materials will cook the same dish for you using almost 25 percent less heat. Opt for glass or ceramic pans in the oven and pans with a copper bottom for stovetops.

All of the above steps will help save small amounts of energy here and there, but they all add up in the end. Cook smart, cook sustainable.

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